We believe that you can change lives with food

We believe that weight loss does not have to mean starvation. And we believe that you can finally get lasting results in a healthy, sustainable & fun way.

Since 2009 we have taught over 5,000 people how to love what’s on their plate & still lose weight. We are not a die-t plan, we are a healthy live-it program that focuses on being healthy, having great energy, and reaching your weight loss goals.

We pronounce the name “Cam-bee-ah-tee.” It is based on the Italian verb cambiare, meaning to change. We are passionate about helping people transform their lives with nutrition.

Every member of the team has transformed their own lives with our programs. We don’t just teach sustainable weight loss and easy energy… we live it.

About Us

Rebecca Walker, Managing Partner

I feel your pain! Ten years ago I survived on various forms of sugar, even if some of it was masked beneath layers of nutritious carbohydrates! I was tired all the time, I didn’t sleep well, gained 30 pounds in 30 days, and my stomach was a mess.

I transformed my health forever when I quit my Coke habit and swapped candy for quinoa (keen-wah). I became energetic in the morning, I slept so much better, I have my ideal body, and I brought a powerful inner energy to my business. I met more and more women who needed the same type of help I needed, so I made it my business. Now I guide women every day to transform their lives. I and all my clients are living proof it IS possible with the right inspiration and education to drop the weight quickly. In case you’re not convinced that I know what it’s like, let me tell you about where I have been and where it has led me.

Rebecca holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication. She also holds a Wilderness First Responder and Avalanche I: Leave No Trace Certification.

In her spare time she loves to read (military thrillers are her fav), she unapologeticlaly overuses parenthesis, enjoys playing soccer on the weekends, butchering golf and is a tech geek. She likes adventure and has packed over 1,000 miles of wilderness, has ridden bulls (yes, real ones), has gone sky diving, hang gliding, skeletoning and is always planning something new to push her limits.

Kersti Peter, Partner

Just like our clients, she participated in the program and got hooked! As a former Division I cross-country and track runner she knew that lean body mass was critical for success, but she just couldn’t realize it for her own body. She use to run 60 miles a week BUT was three sizes larger than she is today! And these days the only running she does is after her daughter, Svea. Uncovering hidden food intolerances, learning the truth about weight loss and understanding how food and beverages impact her own body has changed her life.

Before joining Cambiati, Kersti served as Technical Coordinator of Research for the Green Building Council of Australia where she contributed technical analysis and writing for the GreenStar sustainable building rating tool. While at the University of Melbourne, she lived at Ormond College and tutored undergraduate students in environmental and humanities subjects. Prior to this she organized academic events at the Global Climate & Energy Project at Stanford University.

Kersti holds a Master of Environment degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dartmouth College. She lives in Orinda with her husband and adorable daughter, Svea.

Quincey Cumming, NC Nutritionist, Cambiati Wellness Programs

Quincey Cummings, Nutritionist

My journey towards health began in college, when I came to the realization that I had a downright toxic relationship with food. After gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15,” I became absolutely terrified of overeating and shifted into obsessive, unhealthy eating habits. Fear of food and gaining weight consumed me. One day I opened my eyes and saw an emaciated and unhappy girl in the mirror. I decided then and there to break my crazy obsession. I knew I was not alone in my craziness — our culture’s obsession with “the perfect body” is an epidemic that drives many of us to deprive our bodies of the very nutrients we need to survive!

I have a strong desire to teach people how find peace with food, to realize that food can be fuel for a life full of vitality, health, and happiness. The way I eat now is far from perfect, but I enjoy the challenge, exploration, and excitement that comes with taking care of my body through nourishing foods and lifestyle habits. Every day I try to make the best food decisions to nourish my body, mind and soul while also having minimal impact on the Planet.

Quincey is thrilled to be joining the Cambiati team! She is a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and graduated with honors from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in March 2016. She is also Board Certified with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) and holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Development from the University of Utah.

Quincey spent her childhood in Hong Kong and the Philippines, where she was able to travel extensively around Asia with her family. She caught the “travel bug” early, and finds no greater joy than through travel, exploration, and discovering new flavors of food from around the world. She and her partner are living the minimalist “tiny-home” dream aboard their 32’ sailboat home in Berkeley. Quincey is a budding culinary enthusiast and enjoys making wholesome meals for herself, partner, and friends to share.

In just 28 days our clients:

“lost 30 pounds” -Gene

“lost 31 pounds” -Arlene

“lost 7 pounds of fat” -Antoniette

“lost 16 pounds” -Lisa

“lost 17 pounds” -Linda

“lost 10 pounds” -Julie

“lost 22 pounds” -Heidi (went on to lose 40 pounds)

“lost 12 pounds” -Laina

“lost 10.5 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 3.5 inches off my hips” -Debby

“lost 11 pounds” -Anita

Woman Excited About Weight Loss


Numbers that Make Sense


  • Over 5,529 People Helped
  • Average 8 pounds F-A-T loss in 28 days
  • 100% Success body composition change in 28 days

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