Common Questions About the Cleanse

Can I eat while I am cleansing?

This question about the cleanse makes us jump to say – Yes! When we talk about cleansing, we are talking about supporting natural processes with diet and lifestyle. We aren’t fasting or doing an all liquid diet. What we are doing is cleaning up the diet as much as possible, eliminating as much “pollution” as possible, and supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes in order to release toxins stored in fat.

We recommend eating the best quality food.Just following the principles of the cleanse will give your body a break. The cleanse is actually an opportunity to learn which combinations of foods work well for your unique body. You will learn how to put together a balanced meal, how long to wait between meals, and what it actually feels like to feel satiated from the foods you eat. In addition to cleansing, you learn a style of eating that most people continue on with (or make small modifications to) even after the cleanse is over.

Will I spend a lot of time in the bathroom?


Why don't I just drink juice or fast to cleanse?


Can I start in between sessions for an in-person class?


What products do I need?

For questions about cleanse products please see our cleanse packages. Many people like to incorporate certain products which help save time and make the cleanse easier (like protein shakes), and others to support optimal detoxification. If you want to achieve maximum results then we highly recommend our packages.

If you aren’t sure what products are right for you or if you want to try cleansing without products please call us at 925.280.4442 so that we can discuss your specific goals and answer any questions about the cleanse.

I eat healthy foods and feel good so what can cleansing do for me?

Participating in the cleanse doesn’t mean you currently eat terribly and aren’t doing anything right. It’s a wonderful chance to also look at your eating habits and behaviors, to step back and question if you’re feeling as good as you possibly could. Many people simply accept their current reality as the only one, without realizing a higher potential is possible. And, even despite our best efforts, it’s simply impossible to avoid all toxins in the world we live in today. Our bodies are constantly bombarded with chemicals and unnatural substances–things our bodies were not designed to deal with. We ingest toxins simply by breathing, drinking water, using skin care products and eating seemingly healthy foods.

Cleansing is an opportunity to eliminate stored toxins from the body. Fatigue and lethargy are some of the most common reasons for visits to the doctor, and toxic burden is thought to be related in many of the underlying issues. Other signs of toxic buildup include poor digestion, mood disorders, brittle hair or nails, skin rashes, brain fog, fat storage and more. Many people come to the cleanse for one reason and end up seeing many other unexpected benefits like better sleep, mental clarity, energy, mood, digestion, and more.

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Will I lose weight?

We get a lot of questions about cleansing and weight loss. The CambiatiCleanse is a great way to jumpstart weight loss. Because many toxins are fat soluble, you must incorporate the right nutrients into your diet to support the elimination of those toxins, and thus, the release of extra fat storage. Detoxification works wonderfully to accelerate fat loss, and many people enjoy that along with the other benefits of the program. Whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 85 pounds, the cleanse is a great way to work on those goals.

However not all participants want to lose weight. For clients who are looking to gain weight or simply improve body composition, they follow the same program just with minor modifications. The cleanse helps bring the body into balance, which will help you attain your ideal body composition.

Will I be hungry?


Can't I just drink teas or take herbs to cleanse?


What if I like a specific cuisine?


What if I am a vegetarian or vegan?


Do I have to change my exercise routine?


Can my child cleanse too?

Great question! Eating a CambiatiClean diet is great for the whole family–though kids won’t officially “cleanse” along with you. Simply eliminating certain foods from their diet will give their systems a break. An allergy elimination diet, like we do during the cleanse, is a great experiment for everyone in the family. Having the entire household on board during your program also helps you succeed. Parents often tell us that it is a positive experience to share with their kids””from experimenting with new foods to uncovering any hidden food intolerances. Parents have a great opportunity to be role models for the healthy lifestyle they want for their kids. Since the cleanse isn’t about restriction or deprivation, it is a nice, healthy way to shift family eating habits.



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