Another Friday and another fun product to try! Medlie offers a wide variety of veggie and fruit drinks to help you get all your servings in everyday!

We love the range of flavors and ingredients in their products and appreciate how versatile they are. These drinks are great on their own, as a salad dressing or a base for a curry!

The Medlie blends are a little different than other drinks as they blend everything together: pulp, seeds, and even pulp – all of the nutrient-rich parts of the plants! The blended veggie mixes are low in fruits so the fiber will keep you full. One thing to note, a few flavors have higher sugar contents than others and would not be recommended during the Cambiati Cleanse. These would be great for road trips or when you do not have access to fresh vegetables.

These drinks are sold at many grocery stores as well as online. Let us know if you give Medlie a try and what flavor you like. Happy Fun Food Friday.

Check out our full video review below: