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Value-packed Stocking Stuffers & Small Items

Mindfulness Cards – You love them when you see them! Many clients have enjoyed pulling a card from this deck before an appointment and we are always asked where to find this unique gem! Mindfulness cards have prompts and exercises that encourage us to develop a balanced lifestyle, appreciation, and awareness, as well as kindness and acceptance of ourselves and others. A set of mindfulness cards can be a life-changing gift!

CBD Products – CBD oil is well-loved for the way that it calms anxiety and helps regulate moods while also boosting energy and general health. We offer a variety of CBD products at our store and online, including:

Thrival CBD Extract – This is the purest form of CBD extract. It has all of its natural nutrients and active compounds.

CBD Dog Treats – Made from naturally yummy pumpkin, these dog treats include a beneficial dose of CBD oil, along with Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and essential enzymes.

SmartVine WineUnwind without undoing. This wine is our absolute favorite! It’s delicious and made without added sugar or additives while being certified chemical free. Another bonus is that it was created by a local, female nutritionist. Red, white and rose are available and make great gifts for those health conscious people in your life!  

Sleep Strips – A good night of rest increases physical strength, boosts cognition and perception, while also regulating hormones and helping decrease anxiety and depression. You can give the gift of better sleep with all these benefits by giving sleep strips, like Somnifix.

The Gift Of Relaxation  

Spa Bath Salts – Time at the spa is relaxing and recharging. Spa bath sets make it possible for us to enjoy spa time in our own homes and as often as we care to.

Candles – Aromatherapy has been around for decades. It helps bring harmony to our body and soul, as well as to our homes. Candles are a great way to include aromatherapy in our lives. Non- toxic candles are especially important for your health.

Weighted blanket – Improved sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, and comfort are just a few of the benefits that a weighted blanket can give. High-quality weighted blankets, like this one from Pine and River, are often made of natural bamboo fiber material that whisks away humidity and increases breathability. They also have double stitching to keep the glass beads which provide weight evenly distributed. Biggest added bonus is this blanket is Machine Washable, unlike many others.

Gifts that Provide Moments of Reflection and Inspiration

Power Thought Cards – These cards vary from set to set, but most of them use empowering questions and positive affirmations to help increase self-awareness and inner strength.

Journals – Journals help us reflect on the progress that we have made in life, the joys we have experienced and lessons learned. They also help us stay focused on our goals. Journals make great gifts, independent of whether they are a Five- Minute Journal or a Guided Journal that encourages mindfulness.

Activity Trackers – Activity trackers track movements, breathing patterns and sometimes even our temperature. They can help us optimize our exercise routines, stress management and even our quality of sleep.

Oura Ring – This tracker is small, but powerful. It keeps track of your heart rate, breathing patterns, steps, calories, and temperature. Then it gives you accurate insights to help you improve your performance in every area of life. We appreciate the Oura ring so much that we did a detailed review on it.

Yoga Accessories – Yoga helps us open our hearts and minds and go beyond what we thought was possible. Anyone who enjoys yoga will love receiving accessories that encourage them to continue developing a healthy, yogi lifestyle. Manduka mats, colorful mat carrying bags and Yoga blocks are all great Yoga gifts.

Gifts that Increase Health and Wellbeing

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Televisions, computers, smartphones and many other electronics emit blue light which can damage our eyes, cause insomnia and in some cases, even influence our moods. Blue light blocking glasses, such as the TrueDark Glasses, provide protection from these harmful light rays, reduce eye strain and often improve sleep.

Vegetable Chopper – Cooking from scratch is healthy because it allows us to control the source of our food and also how it is seasoned, but it can be time-consuming, especially if you have a variety of vegetables to slice or chop. A vegetable chopper makes it easier to prep those fresh vegetables and get them onto the table.

Vitamix Blender – We call this the Ferrari of blenders. A Vitamix is one of the most durable and high speed blender on the market. This motor is no match for your seeds, frozen fruits and vegetables and crushes ice like a breeze. Perfect for those Cambiati Clean shakes, fresh juices, soups and more!

Instant Pot- Many clients find it difficult to spend hours in the kitchen and this is our #1 secret weapon for making meals in minutes! An Instant Pot will become your dream machine.One pot can saute, pressure cook, bake and MORE.

 A Local Gift Experience 

Experiences expand our horizons and keep us from becoming stagnant in life. We can give experiences to others by giving gift certificates to places such as the following:

Peak Performance Float and Wellness Center – Peak Performance specializes in using float therapy and light therapy so each client can enjoy improved health and reach their peak performance.

Kitchen On Fire– A local favorite, Kitchen on Fire offers hands-on cooking experiences From the comfort of your own home! Since 2005, Chef Olive and professional chef instructors have been sharing their knowledge and love for cooking through public classes, team-building and corporate wellness events. You can book a holiday cooking party for your family and loved ones Here

The Sanctuary– One of the most relaxing gifts can be the gift of a soothing massage. The Sanctuary one of our favorite local holistic healing center. Their staff are amazing and the best news is that they are licensed medical massage therapists, meaning they will continue to stay open for your needs regardless of any further business closures.

Rebecca’s Vault– Your local gift concierge! Let Rebecca’s Vault take over some of the details that will help you wow your  friends, family, colleagues, staff, clients or potential clients and nurture the relationship you have through the Holiday Season!


We hope that this gift guide has inspired you and given lots of ideas for meaningful gifts that will not only express your care and appreciation to your friends and family, but will also give them many benefits for a long time.

Fun Fact: Americans spend more than $3 billion every year on wrapping paper and gift bags. If we were to lay all this gift wrapping out flat it would stretch for more than 500,000 miles which is the equivalent of crossing the United States from coast to coast 178 times.

Team Cambiati hopes you have a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling Holiday Season- and don’t forget to enjoy your gift wrapping!