spring-cleaning__1_.jpgThe first thoughts about the approach of summer don’t have to bring anxiety and the urge to run for cover. We have great (and painless!) ideas for what you can do now to start preparing for summer.

Our To-Do List

Spring cleaning. Yes, it’s a cliche. But for good reason – it’s a great time of year to get rid of old junk, whether toxic buildup in the body, or in the garage. Did holiday eating stick around a little too long? Now’s your chance to kick it to the curb!

First order of business: Get rid of clutter (even if just off your counters and desk). Visual order has been shown to increase willpower – the mental energy we use to make thousands of decisions every day. Similarly, a recent study in in the journal Environment and Behavior that a cluttered kitchen can nudge us to overeat.

Message being… Make things easier on yourself. Consolidate lists, throw out old papers, take a load of stuff to Goodwill. Cleaning up your physical space helps de-clutter your mental space.

Look up from your phone or computer right now – what type of energy are you feeling from the environment you’re in right now?

Once you’ve de-cluttered your home and work environments, freshen things up – literally. Getting some fresh air every day can work wonders. Can you commit to a 20 minute walk before or after work a few times a week. No time? Try it on your lunch break. If even that’s too much, skip the elevator and take the stairs. Park further away from the store next time you grab groceries. Try a Fit Bit or pedometer. (Studies show that people who track their activity move more!) Get outside and work on the yard. Do whatever that gets you moving, breathing, smiling.

But by far one of the most impactful tasks to tackle in your home? Cleaning out the cupboards. Give what you don’t need away to friends, neighbors, or those in need. “But I paid for it” is not a reason to continue eating foods that drive you crazy with cravings, make you bloated, tired and cranky!

One of the things that throws people off (and into a junk food binge) is the simple reality that there’s still junk food around in their house. And we know that it can be hard to fully transition from “the cleanse” into “normal life.” But one of the reasons I’ve been so successful long term is because I know how to stock my pantry with emergency meal staples – and what to not keep around.

If you’re not sure where to start – or what to keep and what to skip, one of our coaches can help! A gal who Rebecca just helped clean out her pantry called the experience “life changing.” To learn more sign up for one of our amazing MyCambiati Classes! It’s the newest class by Cambiati and is a specialized program designed to help you stay successful during normal, everyday life.  Learn more here!