We want you to feel confident and strong, no matter what you wear.

But because we’re heading into summer and we keep hearing mentions of this common “problem area,” we asked our favorite trainer to put together some exercises to share with you guys.

Don’t let sleeveless tops strike fear into your heart! Our favorite trainer, Jeff Wilson of Finish Line Fit, has put together 3 of his top exercises to help tone up arms at home.

Have you ever seen Rebecca’s arms in a sleeveless top? Jeff is the reason they look so great! He gives you such a hard workout you want to hate him, but he’s such a great guy – you just can’t.

1. Bent-Over Flys:

image source: Popsugar

image source: Popsugar

  • Weight: 5-15 lbs (in each hand)
  • Movement: Keeping your back flat is crucial for this exercise. DO NOT let your back arch or curve!! Holding weights in both hands and standing with knees slightly bent, lean forward slightly and bring your arms out to the side while keeping the arms as straight as possible. Use slow and controlled movements and try not to swing the weights up.
  • Reps: 10-15
  • Modification: Pause for 1 or 2 counts with your arms out to the side during each rep.

2. Up and Overs:

  • Weight: 10-20 lbs
  • Movement: Start standing holding onto the weight with both hands in front of you, with arms straight and pointing down to the floor. Do a bicep curl with the weight to bring the weight over the head, then bend the elbows and bring the weight behind the head. Do the reverse of this motion to get back to starting position.
  • Reps: 10-20

3. Push-up Twists:

image source: FITneass

image source: FITneass

  • Weight: Just your own body weight (with knees on the ground or straight out in plank position, depending on your strength level)
  • Movement: Get in push-up position (again, with knees either bent on the ground or straight out like in plank position). Drop down into a push-up and when you come back to starting position, twist your body around and bring one arm up to point at the ceiling. Keep both arms straight when you do the twist. If you are on your knees for this exercise, just twist the upper body. If you have your knees up, twist your whole body around. When you do this with your knees up, as you twist, your feet should go from your toes touching the ground, to the sides of your feet touching the ground.
  • Reps: 14-20 total (7-10 each side, alternating sides)
  • Modification: Play “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor while doing the exercise. (Jeff says it can help!)


Whether you’re new to exercise and want someone to show you the ropes, or you’re an experienced badass ready to take it up a notch, Jeff is a fantastic trainer and we can’t recommend him enough! Contact him today to set up a session: (925) 286-1827