It’s surly a shame to say, but it has been proven that our bodies can build up harmful substances that prevent us from feeling our awesome selves. Over time, these substances start affecting our lives and putting a severe strain on our livers. However, we can combat these harmful pests! Doing a detox has several advantages that can increase your energy level, kick your sugar cravings, and  rid of many other unique health-related issues. It’s like an all in one package to great health and an energy-filled life!

Here are five classic symptoms people feel when they are in dire need of a detox:

1. Indigestion

The digestive system is a complechocolate mint protein shakex machine. If not properly maintained, little problems start to stack up and indigestion occurs more often. Sugar cravings and other unhealthy habits can lead to this.

A common cause of indigestion is a blockage somewhere in your intestines, which can build up over time. With a proper dietary adjustment, the indigestion will seem like magic to disappear.

You shouldn’t have to suffer constant stomach pain and the feelings of ‘bloatedness.’ When you go through a detox, you’ll discover that what you were missing of what healthy feels like! Many of the shakes and CambiatiClean, nutritious plates you consume during a cleanse are enjoyably scrumptious!

2. Bad Breath and Body Odor

Some people see unpleasant smells as a regular part of life, but that’s not entirely accurate. The more toxins we have in our body, the faster we develop body odor and bad breath.

This symptom usually develops because of a poor diet. It’s best if you ignore junk food and sugar cravings as much as possible because it’s bad for your toxin levels as well as your repulsed significant other.

This problem develops in time no matter what. How fast and often, however, is a different matter. A detox will cleanse your body of unpleasant smells among other things.

3. Sleepiness and Low Energy

A high amount of toxins in your body can lead to irregular sleep patterns and a constant sensation of tiredness. Since you are not resting well, you end up having low energy.

That is one of the worst effects of having a high concentration of toxins in your system. It often leads to more stress and difficulty even with everyday tasks. No one needs any more added stress and lowered energy in their lives. Start a detox and stop drowsiness from affecting your life.

4. Persistent Sugar Cravings

This symptom goes hand in hand with the last one. Your body is wanting more sustenance when you start to feel tired. Consequentially, you end up feeling the need to eat even though you don’t actually need to.

Sugar cravings are bad for you because they cause weight gain. Sugary foods contain toxins and by eating them, you add to unwanted side effects that are preventative.

If you don’t get to the root of the problem, namely the toxins in your body, cravings can lead to serious health concerns. A proper detox can rid you of this in just a few weeks.

5. Trouble Concentratingblonde-1031534_640

Because of digestive problems, trouble sleeping, and a constant need to eat, your concentration ability seems to  eventually get harder and harder to achieve. Tasks that you once considered simple before become a lot more challenging.

Mental fog can affect your performance at work by being more prone to forgetting essential dates/topics as well as even getting confused.

The problem goes deeper than just lack of concentration. The toxins in your body can lead to more headaches and migraines. Prevent this misery by starting your detox.

Which Is the Right Detox Plan for You?

There are hundreds of harmful substances in the world. Different types require different treatments. Telling the “good guys” from the “bad guys” can be difficult. That’s where we come in! 

We are experts on nutrition and weight loss! Let us help you reach your health goals as well as improve your overall quality of life. The 28-day cleanse program will help you stay in top shape. Be sure to sign up today.