Have you heard? Team Cambiati has been gettin’ worked by expert trainer Jeff Wilson of Finish Line Fit.

A local boy and new dad, he keeps us laughing and enjoying ourselves when we might otherwise want to quit. And not only that, but we love that he adjusts the group training to suit our different fitness levels. He also brings TRX trainers that allow you to customize the difficulty and intensity based on your own body. He also offers one-on-one training or can help you design a customized workout plan for you to follow at home.

Jeff has to do a lot of setting the record straight with his clients – helping them decipher the real real from the nonsense. And there’s a whole lotta nonsense. He helped us put together this list… have you been told any of these myths?

Myth: Sit ups and crunches are all you need for a strong core

Truth:  Yes, technically sit-ups and crunches target the abs more than plank and pushups – but a strong core requires more than strong abs.

So what moves are best? If you want to strengthen the entire core and get that long, lean torso, you need to hit (and torch) every core muscle. Jeff uses a varied approach to help clients strengthen the entire core – not just their surface ab muscles. For the ladies of Cambiati, he uses a combination of body weight exercises and a few key pieces of equipment, most notably, TRX trainers. That means the core stays engaged the whole time.

Myth: Long bouts of cardio are the best and fastest way to lose weight, slim down and get toned.

Truth: Think about a marathon runner’s body. Now think about a sprinter’s body. If you want to burn fat AND build muscle, you need to exercise like a sprinter, not a marathoner.

And how does a sprinter exercise? They go hard – then stop, and repeat. They Burst! This type of exercise not only burns more fat overall, but also keeps your fat burning engine running hotter long after your workout is over.

This doesn’t mean you should stop your beloved morning jogs – just don’t rely on them to give you the body of your dreams. If you’re working hard through those sweat sessions – you probably want to see results as quickly as possible, right? Add in some weight training and Bursts to burn fat, build muscle and feel (and look) better in your clothes.

Myth: Before a workout, make sure to stretch.

Truth: Rather than stretching “cold,” warm up with cardio. Jumping jacks, jump rope, dance around in your undies. Whatever! Not only will you get your blood flowing, but you’ll also ward off potential injury. Not to say stretching isn’t necessary and awesome and all that jazz – just save it for the end of your workout.

Myth: Weight lifting bulks you up

Truth: Honestly, look around. How often do you see a super bulky, muscley woman? (Off the cover of a muscle mag, that is) Not super common, which some people say comes from the fact that women don’t have the testosterone necessary like men do.

Don’t shy away from heavier weights. Sometimes light weight is ok, and sometimes it’s actually better. Not sure when which is preferable? Call Jeff!

Myth: You need a gym membership to see any real results.

Truth: Thankfully this couldn’t be further from the truth. Major equipment, nor pricey gym membership, are not required to get a good workout. Some basic gear helps – like a yoga mat and resistance band – but even that can be worked around. Don’t let a lack of workout equipment at home hold you back from exercising.

Need some pointers to get started? Come to a group fitness class with Jeff Wilson from Finish Line Fit and the ladies of Cambiati! Plus we do our workouts at a park nearby our office – and there’s nothing better than ending the day with some laughs, fresh air and endorphins!

Myth: More of One Exercise Is Always Better

Truth: More exercise is always better, most of the time. (Just kidding)  Sometimes a change in the types of exercises you do, can throw your body off (in a good way) and you can increase your overall strength and/or endurance.

Myth: To lose weight in your thighs, just do lunges.

Truth: Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot weight reduction.  Where body fat goes on your body first when gaining weight, is where it will come off last when losing weight.

Need more help? Get yourself to a Cambiati class – stat! – and we’ll do the rest! You can do this!