We inspire people to transform their lives. 

We pronounce our name “Cam-bee-ah-tee.” It is based on the Italian verb cambiare, meaning to change. We are passionate about helping people transform their lives with nutrition.


Cambiati Wellness provides personalized programs based on medical nutrition intervention, targeted lifestyle changes, vitamins and herbs, and support. Combining cutting-edge research and testing, we move away from symptom management and address the underlying cause of health issues.


Cambiati Wellness holds a vision that our clients can achieve more than they think is possible. The magic happens when we combine one part inspiration, one part education, and one part accountability. We are proud to serve a thriving community in which clients understand the deep connection between their lifestyle, food and how they feel, and are guided to create sustainable change their lives.

Meet Our Team

Every member of the team has transformed their own lives with our programs. We don’t just teach you to get your healthy back—we live it. We are so passionate about sharing what we do and can’t wait to meet you. 

Rebecca Walker MBA, Cambiati Wellness with Berries
Kersti Peter Weight Loss Coach Cambiati Wellness

Kersti Peter

Kersti Peter Weight Loss Coach Cambiati Wellness

Jean Faust

Kersti Peter Weight Loss Coach Cambiati Wellness

Erin Lane-Ford, RN

Sarah Wayne Energy Healer Minset Shifter Cambiati Wellness
Leslie Johnson Owner Cambiati Wellness
Kersti Peter Weight Loss Coach Cambiati Wellness

Alyssa Duran 

"What I learned will last a lifetime!"
No more headaches! I have had headaches my whole life and now I take advil only for aches and pains from working out-maybe 2 times a month-whereas I used to take something every other day. I feel so much better- no more stomach problems and I have more energy. I have lost 17 pounds so far, eating whole unprocessed foods for the most part. What I learned will last a lifetime, and changing where you shop and what you buy is easier than you might think! ~ Martha
"I have lost 10 lbs and 11 inches. Crazy!"

I moved to Texas (I know!) last year and I have really been having eating issues, cravings, etc. I started the program online and am about midway through. I feel great! I am never hungry, no cravings, huge energy-just great. I have lost 10 lbs and 11 inches. Crazy! I have never found a program that was so healthy and so informative. It will help you live your life CLEAN -wherever you live! ~ James

"They helped me get my life, and energy back!"
I did the program the first time 4 years ago and came back in order to feel better again. I was tired of feeling tired. I feel much better; no longer have cravings. It’s easier to say no to foods. I’m excited to continue eating and exercising together and eating clean. I’m more aware of watching my food choices; I go out of my way to research now. I plan to continue with my goals and know I can get healthy with all the tools I learned from Cambiati! Thank you. You have to try it, you won’t regret it. They helped me get my life, and energy back! ~ Rose
"I have lost weight far more quickly than I would have on my own!"
I reached an all-time-high-weight just before I did the program. I am happy to feel smaller and have lost weight far more quickly than I would have on my own. I accomplished weight loss in a healthy way, with good nutrition. I’m grateful for knowing the tools to continue with weight loss after program. Reasonably happy person, so don’t feel emotionally different, nor mentally so, although weight loss, for me, breeds a confidence boost.It’s a great program to foster nutritionally balanced, safe weight loss for better health and well being. Thanks”¦it has worked for me!ack! ~ Susan
"I had limited to zero positive results – UNTIL Cambiati!"
Excellent program! For much of the general public struggling with weight/health issues –it’s likely to be be semi-revolutionary – in a great and healthy way. The program contains the latest science, which contains both cutting edge and long-proven information and education. The program is science based, the staff are wonderfully supportive, encouraging and communicative. I have had good nutritional information from self study on nutrition and exercise for years – but had limited to zero positive results – UNTIL Cambiati! The new information I learned only from Cambiati and implemented made 100% improvement in my health and fitness levels. If you’re like I was – and think/say – “I know what to do and do it – but I get no results “- then THIS is especially the program for you to get the results you have worked so hard for already. If you are just starting to make a change – why not start with the program that is the best? ~ Fred

In just 28 days our clients:

“lost 30 pounds” —Gene
“lost 31 pounds” —Arlene
“lost 7 pounds of fat” —Antoniette
“lost 16 pounds” —Lisa
“lost 17 pounds” —Linda
“lost 10 pounds” —Julie
“lost 22 pounds” —Heidi (went on to lose 40 pounds)
“lost 12 pounds” —Laina
“lost 10.5 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 3.5 inches off my hips” —Debby
“lost 11 pounds” —Anita