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Are you feeling lost and alone with your autoimmune disorder?

  • Were you recently diagnosed with an autoimmune illness, or do autoimmune disorders run in your family?
  • Frustrated with being prescribed tons of medication for the symptoms and not addressing the real problem?
  • Do you feel like you wish you could just be “normal”?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you feel alone and not like yourself anymore?
  • Does the advice you’ve received seem to make no difference?

Think You Have an Autoimmune Disorder But Aren’t Diagnosed Yet? 

Though it’s not fully understood, it is generally agreed on that autoimmune conditions are a result of an immune system gone haywire, where the immune system responds to the body’s own tissues as if it were an outside invader. The body’s own immune system can attack the thyroid, skin, hair, gut, or even the brain.

As you likely already know, genetics play a large role in determining our immune system. And because autoimmune conditions are related to a malfunctioning of the immune system, it is common for these issues to run in families – whether because similar genes play a role in how likely it is for you to develop an autoimmune condition in the first place, or how they get triggered. Some autoimmune conditions run in families, and other families see a different pattern, in which relatives deal with different disorders.

Some of the most common autoimmune illnesses are  rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, Frustrated with Your Autoimmune Disease, Autoimmune Disorderlupus, and Hashimoto’s. Other autoimmune disorders include celiac disease, vitiligo, Graves disease, and psoriasis. Even if you are diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, practitioners often don’t  bother to find out exactly which one of the 80 autoimmune diseases you have.

It can take years to diagnose after an extensive amount of research, testing, and work on the patient’s part to push practitioners to keep looking for the cause. Many get told that it’s “all in their head.” We know that it is not all in your head and that you need real solutions to finally feel better.

Common allopathic treatment for autoimmune disorders are medications that suppress the immune system. While these may help someone find relief from symptoms, they don’t work to calm the immune system and can weaken your body’s systems and make you more prone to infection. This is not to say that those medications don’t have a place in treatment — just that there are pros and cons of different treatment paths and it is important to be fully informed of side effects and risks.

Fortunately there are other paths to consider. Many have found relief by looking at the body more holistically and looking deeper than only the outward symptoms. Removing triggers, such as toxins from diet, lifestyle, or environment, and strengthening the gut and immune system over time, and seeking support from an experienced professional can help many find relief with fewer risks and side effects.

What To Do When You Are Diagnosed:

  • Don’t panic – know that there is great support out there.
  • Consider a genetic test to learn more about food allergies
  • Talk to an experienced nutritionist to learn about:
  • Which trigger foods could potentially be exacerbating your symptoms
  • How you can calm and support your immune system with diet and lifestyle
  • Foods or herbs that may be contraindicated by your condition

Want To Write Your Own Recovery Story? 

Julia Changed Her Life, and You Can Too


“Growing up I always had issues with my stomach, and had literally tried everything from random IBS pills my dad would buy on the internet to a non-gluten, and then later a non-dairy diet, but nothing really worked. I was really weak and missed out on a lot of social stuff because I was too sick to do anything. I later found out (by doing the Cambiati Cleanse) that I had been basically paralyzed by hidden issues with my gut. Getting Candida and food intolerances under control made such a huge difference for me! ” – Julia