Written by:

Quinten Lawrence Intern

Saint Mary’s College, Health and Fitness Advocate

Your body thrives when hydrated! Most people are drawn to water, as they should be. Humans have an innate instinct to want to and need to drink water to hydrate themselves and provide themselves with the vitamins and minerals that their bodies crave. This has happened for thousands of years and is promoted at a high level by pop culture today. “A gallon of water a day changes your life, make sure to drink as much water as you can.”

Everyone praises the effectiveness of simply drinking water can have on what level your body performs. What if I said that now there is a way to hydrate your body that completely outweighs the benefits of drinking water? You may say “huh how is that possible, it must be a gimmick!” Well, I’m here to introduce you to Hydration IV Therapy a new technique being practiced by wellness advocates in all corners of the industry.

Why practice hydration therapy of an everyday ritual for many? Well, it has many benefits that outweigh the practice of drinking water and is something that many people should consider working into their health and wellness routine.

First off what exactly is Hydration IV Therapy? What does it do? What goes into it? What is better about it? The therapy itself involves the insertion of an IV needle into a local vein of the patient. Since we are all so different we can customize the type of therapy that we will receive. Each person’s hydration need is dependent on their diet, life choice, and activity level. Thus with hydration therapy those individual needs can be met to a higher degree due to the ability to choose what and how much of the essential vitamins and minerals to put into the body. The convenience and efficiency goes into the freedom that IV therapy provides more so than drinking water. It is also much more efficient due to where the liquid is being absorbed in the end of the therapy.

When drinking water our digestive tract and tissues in our throat absorb most of the liquid, thus leaving a minimal amount for our essential organ systems. On the other hand hydration therapy works by being injected directly into your bloodstream, so those nutrients can travel straight to where they are needed the most.

While this may be changing with filtered water and products like vitamin water, our bodies need more than just hydration, and that is what the IV therapy provides. Consumers may often times have a difficult time trusting the product they have in front of them, so it would be much safer to add electrolytes or nutrients directly to the source. Products like Gatorade or Kombucha may provide these nutrients, but on the other hand, they also come filled with  sugar and 20 other confusing ingredients that jumble your head like high school calculus. Thus IV therapy allows for you to cut those out and only provide your body what important nutrients it needs.

Drinking water can also be what stresses out your digestive system more than you think. When we chug a large amount of water, after a workout or with dinner our digestive system has to work overtime. This is due to the fact that now it has to sort through all the fluids we have in our bodies. This means that it oftentimes works straight through all the nutrients that the water or food has that we consumed and filters it out of our bodies.

Athletes, gym rats, and basically everyone may suffer from dehydration regularly. When we drink water we are already quite dehydrated and thus we must continue to drink to overcome this. IV Therapy on the other hand helps us to overcome this dehydration on a quicker level and can be directly customized to what the bodies individually need.

This means that we can boost athletic recovery, hangover recovery on a Friday night, and can also improve your skincare routine. Speaking of hangover recovery, IV therapy can also help directly flush toxins out of your body at a much higher rate than drinking fluids. The effects of dehydration and constipation can be seen in your livers and kidneys, and IV therapy allows for the cleansing of these vital organs to happen at a much higher rate than before.

Many people know that the human body is made of a large portion of water, some say up to 75%. When we do not get an adequate amount of hydration we tend to really feel and see the effects in our skin, joints, and muscles. Often we don’t really know we are dehydrated. IV Therapy changes this and addresses this need directly by hydrating these areas and restoring them to their fullest potential.

If you have any questions about this therapy or want to try it out for yourself give Cambiati Wellness a call at (925)-280-4442 or email info@cambiati.com