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Body Composition Analysis

Know exactly how much fat you are losing & how you detoxify!

You may think you know how your body responds to what you eat and how you exercise. But do you really understand what is going on with your body? Most people use a scale but that is a HUGE mistake!

It probably sounds crazy that I’m calling this a mistake, but throw out your scale. The information it gives you is not a good measurement of health or of success with changing your body. If you want to be leaner and tighter, then weight is not a good measurement. You might gain muscle and lose fat, but that won’t lower those numbers on the scale even though your body composition is getting better. Don’t beat yourself up! Come in to discover exactly what is going on.

Why do I always have a tummy pooch no matter what I do or how much weight I lose?

Your pooch is likely from eating foods that are causing inflammation in your tummy. Eating a seemingly “healthy” diet and following standard workout advice doesn’t necessarily give everyone the body they’ve always wanted. We know – it’s unfair. But what if you realized the root of the cause of that trouble – that you were eating foods that you didn’t even know you were intolerant to?  

If your vision deteriorated and you could no longer see as well as you once did, rather than squinting your way through life, wouldn’t it be easier to just get glasses? That’s how we see our Metabolic Scale Analysis. You see how you store or lose fat and how quickly your body detoxifies!   One person’s ideal diet and exercise plan may not be ideal for everyone. Using the Metabolic Scale Analysis can help identify hidden food intolerances that are holding you back.

Tip the scales in your favor. Come in for an analysis today.

If you are Club Cambiati this is included in your membership. You can drop in any time we are open. If you would like to speak with a coach about the results we will try to accommodate drop-ins or you can call us to make sure that a coach is available.

  • Metabolic Scale Weigh-in

  • Metabolic Scale Weigh-in – Pack of 5


This is included in Club Cambiati. Drop in any time we are open. If you want to speak with a coach about the results we will try to accommodate drop-ins or you can call us to confirm that a coach is available. You can also click here to schedule