MYTH: Eat Many Small Meals Throughout the Day


It’s not natural for us humans to be in a perpetually “fed” state. When we do the six meals a day thing, the body is constantly jumping to attention to metabolize the food we’ve just eaten.

Rather than grazing all day, we recommend spacing out meals in a certain way that helps with blood sugar balance, managing hunger and – even better – burning fat!

Eating constantly throughout the day means your pancreas is consistently releasing insulin and in “storage” mode. Spacing out your meals the right way (join us for a class to learn how!) turns on fat-burning mode.

Lots of small meals throughout the day means we feel less satisfied, lose track of how much we’ve eaten and that we’re burning energy from the food we just ate rather than fat stores. Want to burn stored fat for energy? The key is balancing meals in a specific way.

If you’ve ever been a “grazer,” then you know that odd sensation of never feeling hungry, but never really feeling satisfied. You’re never really getting what your body really needs. Foods most folks reach for don’t typically top the lists of most nutrient-dense foods out there.

Crackers, chips, chocolate covered almonds, pretzels”¦ unfortunately these are also the types of foods that easily hijack our brains so we don’t hear that clear “that’s enough” signal.

Hormones are like software that tell our bodies what to do – whether we’re hungry or not, to have cravings or not, to burn or store fat and more. Our behavior and food influence that software, including how much we sleep (including when we wake and rise), what and when we eat and how we exercise.

What information are you sending your software?

Signals for a short burst of energy and to store what you just ate as fat? (eg, eating a croissant)

OR… would you rather send signals for sustained energy, appetite control and nonexistent cravings? (when we eat, say, a chicken breast)

Put like that it’s a no-brainer! They may have the same number of calories but the hormonal effect is vastly different. More on this below…

This is what we’re talking when we talk about hormonally balanced meals – ones that tell your software (the hormones that regulate appetite insulin, leptin & ghrelin) you’re satisfied, got enough of the right macro-nutrients and don’t need to eat more or have cravings later.

Eating these specially balanced meals means you aren’t hungry an hour afterward and feel like you need to snack. Instead, you can go several hours between meals and feel great. And that, my friend, is the sweet spot to turning your body into a fat burning machine!

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