Hello Mommy Friends!  Do you hear that?  It’s the magical sound of SCHOOL BELLS!  Yes, school is officially in session!  I don’t know about you, but as much fun as I had this summer with the kids, it just feels right to get the kids back in school and everyone back into a routine.

We all know, however, that when the kids are back in school, the after school activities begin and it is CARPOOL TIME!  So throw on your chauffeur hats, buckle up and read my top tips below on how to stay away from those awful drive-thrus while being cool as a cucumber burning some serious rubber up and down the streets!

Remember:  stress increases Cortisol (the fat storing hormone) so it is important to stay calm, hydrated and fed (including the kids) while chauffeuring because none of us want carpooling to turn into the ‘F’ word…”Fat”.

Tip #1:  SNACKS

Keep healthy and delicious snacks in your car for both you and the kids!

Some of my Cambiati Wellness favorites are:

    • Meal Replacement and Treat Bars
      • They taste great and are not filled with junk like most store-bought bars! (Hint: my favorites are MochaNRG and Chocolate Mint-delish!)
      • Free of sugar and fake sugar
      • Pea Protein is used in the bars which is excellent for both your little athletes and all of you Moms on the Go
    • PaleoJerky and PaleoStix
      • No gluten, no refined sugar, no junk – YES PLEASE!
      • Easy to keep in the car for you and your passengers
      • Granny Smith Apples and Almonds
      • Plantain Chips and Hummus
        • Perfect mini-meals to have while waiting for soccer practice to finish


Bored with just plain water?  Me too!  Below are my favorite beverages that keep me hydrated while avoiding road rage.  That’s why my favorite go-to drink to avoid road rage is the Greens, Reds and C+ BioFizz concoction; also knows as the “GRC” drink.

  • The Cambiati Wellness GRC drink! Say what?!  GRC = Greens, Reds and Vitamin C all rolled up in one delicious water bottle.  Simply add a serving of each into your water bottle and wham bam you will feel like a million bucks driving up and down the 680 corridors!  This beverage is full of antioxidants, contains no sugar and helps with sugar cravings!  It is also FANTASTIC for kids in lieu of those dreaded Sports Drinks (yes I’m calling you out Gatorade, Powerade, etc. –ALL SUGAR, NO SUBSTANCE, NO THANK YOU!)
  • Herbal and Green Teas are great for later afternoon drives if sensitive to caffeine (just skip the sugar packets)

Tip #3:  BREATHE

So there you are, sitting at that red light, kids are shouting, snapchatting and blaring their favorite songs all at once, and you are about to lose your sh*&!  Well instead of flipping out, take a deep cleansing breath!  Yes, I’m serious!  Breathe in through your nose deep into your belly, hold it and then release.  It is always a good idea to get new oxygen in your brain even at the times you feel as though you have lost your mind.  Want to get the kids in your car silent?   Do this 3-4 times and the carpool kids will wonder what the heck you are doing.  It is quite entertaining!  Doing this literally sooths your amygdala which can save you from saying the other “F” word.

Want more tips and tricks on how to handle the carpooling madness?  Schedule a complimentary breakthrough session here or give us a call at 925-280-4442.