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Clean & Delish Prepared Foods

Paleo, uber clean foods by Sweet Life Specialty Foods

Add a Little Slice of Heaven to Your Meals



  • Are your meals boring?
  • Do they lack flavor?
  • Are you not inspired by your meals?
  • Want super fast, easy dips that transform your meals?


We are excited to feature Sweet Life Specialty Foods at Cambiati Wellness Programs. We are obsessed with the amazing garlic spread that you can add on cooked vegetables for loads of flavor & we can’t get enough of the sun-dried tomato spread. That spread is so good that we would lick it off a spoon. You can dip practically anything into it for a tasty mini-meal or add it to chicken to make a dish gourmet in seconds.

And who doesn’t love hummus?! The only thing we don’t love is the weird ingredients that we find in some of the hummus brands. Keep your eyes peeled for canola oil or even dairy. Sweet Life Specialty Foods uses beautiful oils that we recommend at Cambiati.

We would be remissed if we didn’t mention the out-of-this-world vegan pesto. Did you know that most pesto has cheese in it? Well this pesto is a vegan pesto that still has amazing flavor. We won’t spill Sweet Life’s secret but let’s just say it is definitely Cambiati approved. Love.

Want Prepared Meals?

There is chicken pesto on hand at Cambiati (if Rebecca hasn’t eaten it all) that is perfect to add to a salad or to have on its own with veggies on the side. It is tasty cold & warm so you can’t go wrong.

Want full delivery of CambiatiClean meals? Susie at Sweet Life Specialty Foods does that too. You can email her at: susie@sweetlifespecialtyfoods.com or call 925-391-3336.


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Remember that we don’t participate in any of the profits from Sweet Life Specialty Foods, we just help out carrying it because we love it! Help us support local small businesses.