Kathy joined the Cambiati Cleanse in March of 2018. Prior to joining us at Cambiati she had been living in a hotel for 6 months while her house was being remodeled. Those six months included lots of take-out food and lots of stress. These are not a good combination for taking care of yourself and Kathy was feeling older than her 64 years. She felt sluggish at work, and uncomfortable in her skin.

When Kathy and her husband were invited to a wedding in the UK in August, she knew she wanted to go to that wedding looking and feeling her best. She also knew that she needed help and support cleaning up her eating habits.

Kathy jumped into the cleanse full of excitement and a touch of fear. She had done other strictly weight loss programs in the past (Weight Watchers) and nothing stuck long term. One thing that’s different about the Cambiati cleanse is that we do not simply look at calories in verses calories out. At Cambiati we teach our clients how to eat real food that nourishes and supports them. We also teach participants about the importance of fluid intake, stress management, ways to exercise to support your goals, and mindful strategies to get good sleep.

At the end of the cleanse Kathy had more energy and had lost nine pounds. She was super excited about her progress and wanted to keep working with us to continue her momentum. At that point she signed up for our Club Cambiati Membership. Kathy and her nutritionist Alison had three months to work together before the wedding in August. During that time Kathy continued to focus on eating Cambiati Clean and to tune in to how food made her feel. She also became very adept at finding ways to add exercise into her days and how important this was for her well-being. She slowly became the person she most wanted to be. She was full of energy and was starting to really become interested in nutrition and how food could support her.

In August Kathy and her husband went to the UK and had an amazing time at the wedding. She was able to dance at the wedding, go sightseeing as she wanted, and knew just want she needed to take care of herself.

Upon her return Kathy and Alison continued to work together. She was ready to dive deeper into her health and understanding her body. Kathy took a genetic test and learned more specifically how her body responded to macronutrients, coffee, and alcohol. She also learned which micronutrients might be low genetically, making them important to get from supplements. With this new data Alison and Kathy were able to continue tweaking her nutrition and her lifestyle to support her even more.

Then Kathy decided to dive deep into her hormones. Long ago diagnosed with hypothyroid, Kathy had been taking hormone replacement for a long time. With so much success accomplished by changing her diet and supporting her body holistically she was ready to see if she could do the same for her hormones. Doing the thyroid panel was informative. First, she learned she did not have Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune hypothyroid disorder. Second, she learned some specific nutrients that she could take to support her thyroid. Finally, she discovered a sleep protocol that really focused on hormone balance and supporting her in the best way possible.

In total Kathy lost 30 pounds while working with Cambiati, one of her initial goals, along with creating better eating habits. Throughout the course of working together Kathy and Alison talked for hours about nutrition and wellness, and during that time Kathy created healthy habits that supported her in ways that were unimaginable when she started. She decided she wanted to help others do the same. Kathy decided to go back to school and study to become a nutrition consultant. She likes to say that joining Cambiati “changed my life,” and we are so happy to have been a part of her journey!