Like many people suffering from food intolerances, our client Shanna was feeling depleted, hopeless, and beyond frustrated. After spending hours in the hospital, visiting several doctors, and taking 6 different prescriptions all she wanted was to relieve her body of life hindering symptoms like nausea and digestive distress.

She came to Cambiati Wellness to help uncover food intolerances that may have been causing her symptoms. With the Mediator Release Test, she found many surprising triggering foods including black pepper, crazy right?! Since discovering the different foods and ingredients that were the culprits behind Shanna’s pain, she has been able to avoid them and feels incredible. She not only finally feels like she is herself again and can live life to the fullest, but she also is losing weight!

Hear what Shana has to say about working with Cambiati Wellness!


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If you’re interested in taking the MRT food intolerance test yourself, Read more here & schedule a complimentary breakthrough session!

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