Workplace Wellness Programs

How much are unhealthy lifestyles costing your business?



Wellness at work pays

Unscheduled absences can cost employers $3,600 per hourly worker every year, so helping your employees stay healthy and on the job is smart business whether you have four employees or 400. Cambiati Wellness Programs makes it easy for you to focus on your business while we focus on creating a culture of wellness, so employee health, performance, and morale remain strong.


Make workforce wellness a priority for your company

You may not be able to track the overall health of your workforce with all of your competing priorities. But unhealthy habits and chronic conditions like obesity, lack of exercise, and stress-related illnesses could cost you thousands of dollars each year. Employees often spend at least eight hours a day  working, so it makes sense to focus on wellness in your company culture and help them along the path to wellness. And workplace wellness can significantly impact your bottom line. Fortunately Cambiati Wellness can help your employees prevent or manage chronic health issues.

How much are unhealthy lifestyles costing your business?


Cost to Employers

  • Obesity: $591 a year per person 
  • High stress: $600 a year per person 
  • Lack of exercise: $330 a year per person
  • Diabetes: $3,600 a year per person 
  • Heart disease: $3,195 a year per person 
  • High blood pressure: $1,600 a year per person

Implementing a wellness program could reduce absenteeism by 28 percent.

Larry Chapman

Art of Health Promotion

How Cambiati Wellness Programs can help

Cambiati Wellness Programs provides both in person and online nutrition classes, supplements, one-on-one guidance, and teams up with trainers for exercise programs.


  • CambiatiCleanse – 28-day detox/cleanse and body composition-change program, focused on whole-foods nutrition and education delivered weekly over five weeks.
  • CambiatiLight – Offers whole-foods nutrition, peak performance and weight-management support delivered weekly over five weeks.
  • MyCambiati – An ongoing, weekly program where clients can continue learning about the impact of food and lifestyle on their health and body composition.
  • Cambiati@Work – Monthly classes offered to bring healthy nutrition focused on issues that impact employers and employees.
  • Healthy Snacks & Drinks – We can provide healthy mini-meal and drink options to make healthy choices easy and delicious for your employees.
  • Exercise Programs – Get your employees moving with group or individual programs that are fun and motivating.
  • Speaking Engagements – Want to kickstart your wellness program but aren’t ready to do a full program? Invite us for a speaking engagement.
  • Genetic Testing – We provide clients with invaluable genetic information about genes that are influential in weight loss, nutrient absorption and metabolic processes. We walk clients through specific recommendations on eating, exercise, and supplements based on genotype.
  • 1:1 Nutrition Consulting – Our team is available for one-on-one nutrition guidance with either our Certified Nutritionist or a Nutrition Coach.
  • Body Composition Tracking – Our Tanita scale can track weight, fat-free mass, body fat, total body water, and much more. Learn to see beyond the number on the scale.
  • Sample Topics for Speaking Engagements and Classes
    • Cravings
    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Super Foods
    • Habits & Willpowers
    • Eating for Health Wellness Series
    • Eating for Health
    • Proteins & Fats
    • Complex Carbohydrates
    • Energy & Weight Loss

Why Cambiati Wellness Programs

Cambiati gets results. In our 28-day programs the average body composition change is 10 pounds and we have a 100% success with changing body composition with these programs. We are so confident that we guarantee results if participants journal & follow the spirit of the program.

What our clients are saying


“[Cambiati] always gets the most out of everybody. The firefighters of Rodeo-Hercules have seen significant transformations in attitudes, conditioning and health as a result of [the] program and encouragement. We have one individual who has lost over 40 pounds and several others who have lost over 20 pounds. Overall the firefighters of Rodeo-Hercules are much stronger and healthier as result.”

“My blood sugar and blood pressure have stabilized, and no, I did not starve myself. I just learned how to cook and eat healthier.”

“I did the ballpark math on how much money I spent on these meds over the course of 7 years.” The amount was a staggering $12,600. Being on [the] program for only 23 days got my [medical] stats in prime shape and most importantly, I’m completely off all medications.”

“I have never learned so much about myself, nutrition, food and overall health in all my 46 years of living. This program has been transformative for me in every sense of the word – I’ve lost 22 pounds and 4 inches so far, I’ve gained tremendous body strength, I’ve lost my preoccupation with food and I’ve gained great fellowship and support along this marvelous journey. I am truly renewed in body and spirit, and I’m motivated to continue with this miraculous lifestyle. Come along on this journey of health and discovery. You’ll be amazed before you’re halfway through!”

“As I have said several times, you have truly changed my life. Your direction and coaching has made me much more aware of what I put in my body. Although not perfect, I am eating much healthier and maintaining my weight.”

“Cambiati Wellness Programs has changed my life forever!”

“I lost 14 lbs and almost 5% body fat. I turned 40 last year and haven’t been this lean since I was in my 20s.”

“More energy, better sleep, less weight. Lost 45 lbs. I also am able to teach my own kids about food in a different way.”

“I am empowered and motivated to be the best me all the time.”

“This has turned into being so much more about preventing life-threatening health conditions than just weight loss.”


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