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Doug Jaser FDN-P, Nutritionist

Doug is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. His passion for nutrition was ignited in 2001 when, as a junior in college, he witnessed the health decline of his father after a debilitating stroke. During this time, Doug became clear on the fact that our lives are built on the foundation of good health and that without feeling strong and vibrant, we can’t go for our dreams.

Since 2011, Doug has worked with everyone from new mothers and medical doctors to CEOs of multinational corporations. He is passionate about understanding and distilling down the latest nutrition science and helping people navigate the abundance of information out there to find the tools and personalized solutions that work best for them.

In his spare time, Doug enjoys hiking, abstract painting, and continued learning. He has a voracious curiosity and loves to travel and discover different cultures and cuisines. As a foodie, he enjoys learning how to combine his passion for eating healthy with his excitement over eating delicious food.