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Dr. Stacie Solt, MD

Our supervising physician, Dr. Stacie Solt, oversees our IV drip services as well as the medical side of Cambiati Wellness. Dr. Solt is passionate about supporting patients in their health endeavors and views IV therapy as a beneficial tool on their journey toward long-term success. She works in the emergency department of San Mateo Medical Center in a high-pressure environment where she’s constantly on her toes and making quick decisions to influence the wellbeing of her patients. She attended the University of California San Francisco for medical school and earned high ranks and several awards during her time there, and completed her residency in the Stanford/Kaiser Emergency Medicine program. She’s particularly passionate about addiction medicine and has worked with children with behavioral issues in the past as well.

She’s excited to be in a new, cutting-edge environment focusing on preventive healthcare. She enjoys staying active via sports like basketball and rowing. One of her favorite mantras is “Be consistent, be honest and be patient.” We look forward to having her grounded presence in our Cambiati Community.

Some fun facts that make Dr. Solt a unique addition to our team include the fact that she was a competitive Irish step dancer in childhood, a college rower, and trained to be a clown in circus school! She’s also Scuba certified and has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Southeast Asia.