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Alison Clayshulte, Nutrition Consultant

Alison is a busy mom of two twin 5-year olds, who balances her family life with her love of nutrition. Alison’s passion for nutrition started at a young age. She grew up in Colorado where she rode horses competitively. Her family always had a big garden where they’d plant everything from peas to raspberries. She found her passion for food through her mom who taught her how to cook everything from scratch including homemade bread.

Alison is a complete foodie and loves to go to farmer’s markets and even started her own food blog. After working in the marketing industry for 8 years, Alison decided to further her passion for food and started training to be a pastry chef. She worked for 3 years at a popular Italian restaurant in Oakland where she became a master at pastry while using local and seasonal produce. Alison left her position when she became a mother of two adorable twin girls. While pregnant, Alison started to educate herself on proper nutrition and how to eat to feel her best. She discovered the best foods to feed herself and her children that would nurture them and help them grow. With her two daughters, she focuses on teaching healthy eating habits that will last them a lifetime.

Alison continued to work as a pastry chef but felt that her true passion was educating others on healthy eating. Alison decided to turn her passion into a career and studied nutrition at Bauman College and graduated in November 2017. Aside from being a foodie and a devoted mom, Alison loves to travel and has been to Spain, Thailand, Berlin, and even skied in the Georgian alps.

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