Erin Lane-Ford, RN

Erin is a highly skilled and compassionate nurse who specializes in vitamin IV drip therapy. With 18 years of nursing experience and 5 years working in the emergency room, she has developed a passion for helping others. Erin has become an expert in her field, working with patients to support overall health and wellness through high-dose nutrients. Since working at Cambiati Wellness, she has lost about 60 pounds, so she knows firsthand how powerful a healthy diet, lifestyle and supplements/IVs can be! She believes that a healthy body is a key component to a happy life and that vitamins and antioxidants can provide just the extra boost that people need. She makes excellent company while you are getting your IV if you want to chat, or she’s happy to turn down the lights and let you relax. Whether you are looking for a boost in energy, hydration, or immunity, Erin can help you achieve your health goals with the highest quality care with an emphasis on comfort and a great experience.

Erin lives in Walnut Creek with her husband, daughter and super cute cat. You’ll rarely find her without an oversized purse filled with goodies, and a reusable bottle filled with unsweetened iced tea by her side.