Thanks for tuning in to Fun Food Friday with Ilana and Rebecca! Today we have an exciting find for foodies. Many people are familiar with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, However, there is a vast realm of fun, distinctly tasting crystallized flavored salts out there to explore. In this video, we are trying out Falksalt, Sweden’s premium salt manufacturer since 1830. The beautiful crystal flakes of this natural sea salt are fascinating to look at. However, their taste is what will blow you away. Here, we try the Smoke and Black flavors. The Smoke flavor can be added to sauces, dips, and vegetables for a subtle smokey flavor, while adding an artisan salty taste. The classy Black Sea Salt has a sharp, distinctly salty taste. It brings another level of sophistication to your cooking. This salt on an avocado would be delicious. We highly recommend this natural sea salt, as well as Falksalt to all levels of cooks! Not only will this salt bring up the taste of your dishes, it looks amazing in its crystallized, flakey form. It’s also a lot of fun to sprinkle on top of different meals and elevate your cooking!