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One of the hardest things we hear from clients about going dairy free is transitioning from of the variety of options that exist! Creamy dips and spreads lend so much flavor and personality to a meal. Let’s be honest, plain old carrots and turkey burgers are elevated to a whole new level when topped with a dollop of a flavorful spread or dip! Thanks to Kite Hill, And almond based product company, we present you two of their new products you may not have seen before! We search the grocery store regularly to find and bring you the newest products to replace dairy and keep you satisfied! Today we are discussing their new Ranch and French Onion dips! You won’t miss the dairy with these zesty takes on two backyard barbecue favorites! Add these dips to your glorious vegetable platter and it’ll sure be a crowd pleaser, no one will even know it’s dairy free! Let us know if you’ve tried these dips and what your thoughts are! Happy Fun Food Friday and check out our full review below.