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Cricket is not just a popular sport in England and India, it’s a sustainable and eco-friendly protein source that showed up for today’s Fun Food Friday! Set aside the ick factor, because cricket powder could be one of the best protein sources of the future. This stuff is packed with vitamins, minerals and protein, and believe it or not–you can’t taste it when it’s hidden in your favorite foods, like this tasty granola. It has a neutral flavor that lends itself well to boosting the protein and nutritional content of a variety of recipes, like shakes, baked goods, oatmeal and more. Crickets contain B12, B2, iron and calcium, and are a complete protein, which helps provide amino acids necessary for building muscle. You can start integrating it into your diet to help diversify your protein sources. We also love it for the sake of the earth. Compared to cows, crickets use just 1/10 of the water and 1/6 the feed to yield the same amount of protein. Crickets for breakfast? Yes, please! 

See what Ilana and Rebecca think about eating cricket flour in the video below. Don’t forget to guess the mystery protein source in the comments below.



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