Welcome to Fun Food Friday where the nutritionists and dietitians of Cambiati Wellness try different foods, techniques, and gadgets. Want to know if the new “healthy” food is delicious or a waste of money? Wondering if that new health tech is worth the your time? You are in the right place.

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This week Fun Food Friday’s is trying KinEuphorics drink. This drink has effective results to strengthen our human body system with its fresh citrus, warm spice, hibiscus, and ginger flavors! It has 25 calories per serving and has many benefits. It has adaptogens such has rhodiola rosea that supports the balance of cortisol, the stress hormone that triggers our fight or flight responses, nootropics that contain GABA, caffeine, 5-HTP, citicoline, and tyrosine supporting our neurotransmitters that is in charge of our mood, pleasure, and lastly, it has botanics of hibiscus that helps balance our palette.

This is a great drink to have if you are trying to lower your consumption of drinking alcohol. You can definitely get away with it looking like a cocktail drink when you are out with family and friends! Mixing Kin with sparkling water or any flavored Spindrift will have you enjoy a delicious and yummy drink!

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