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Wow!!! These nuts really took us by surprise. Commonly found in Vietnam and the Polynesian Islands, the Pili Nut is an exotic, delicious, creamy nut. The taste is similar to a combination of Pecans and Walnuts, however is unique in its own way.

Pili Nuts are an uncommon nut to see in large grocery stores- the process of harvesting and making them ready to eat is mostly manual, but the long process to get them into our hands seems to be worth it. Having a high concentration of healthy fats and oils, Pili Nuts are gaining traction among those interested in personal wellness.

Aside from the health benefits, they also have an incredibly interesting texture, similar to that of raw coconut. The raw, organic version of Pili Nuts are incredibly soft and creamy and melt in the mouth.

Pili Nuts are delicious when added into smoothies alongside coconut milk, vanilla, and cacao, for a soft and creamy texture. We highly recommend trying out these creamy, delicious, tropical nuts!