Welcome to Fun Food Friday where the nutritionists and dietitians of Cambiati Wellness try different foods, techniques, and gadgets. Want to know if the new “healthy” food is delicious or a waste of money? Wondering if that new health tech is worth the your time? You are in the right place.

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Just like Cambiati Wellness, Smart Sweets is a fabulous women owned company! Smart Sweets is revolutionary candy company with a vision to kick sugar and keep candy. With a variety of different flavors, colors and textures, their plant based treats boats a whopping 13 grams of fiber and only 3 grams of sugar per bag! Plus- no added colors, dyes or chemicals. Check out our full review and opinions below:

At Cambiati Wellness, we understand the importance of living a balanced lifestyle. We are committed to continually sharing CambiatiClean swaps  to ensure you can enjoy everything you eat and still feel great. Consuming sugar in excess can be detrimental to health, especially in children. That’s why we are proud to share Smart Sweets and their mission:

“At SmartSweets, we believe in the power of curiosity. We believe that a smart combination of passion, focus and innovation can change the world! We believe there is no time like the present — and the ability to affect change lies within each of us.

We trust it’s possible to live in a world where candy doesn’t always equal sugar, and where words like guilt, permission, and indulgence no longer carry weight. We believe we can enjoy candy just as we enjoy life – to the fullest.

When it comes to having smarter choices, our lives are changing for the better. We think it’s time for candy to keep up. So, welcome to the kick sugar movement. Welcome to a world filled with sweeter possibilities.”

Try Smart Sweets:

Smart Sweet Variety Pack

Swedish Fish

Fruity Gummy Bears

Sour Gummy Bears

Let us know what flavors you like best, what your thoughts are and as always happy Fun Food Friday! Check back next week for our Fun Food Friday surprise.