Welcome to Fun Food Friday where the nutritionists and dietitians of Cambiati Wellness try different foods, techniques, and gadgets. Want to know if the new “healthy” food is delicious or a waste of money? Wondering if that new health tech is worth the your time? You are in the right place.

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This week’s Fun Food Friday pits one of our classic immune-boosting products, C+ Biofizz, against Designs For Health’s brand-new Biofizz Immune, which combines vitamin C with other potent immune-boosting nutrients like zinc, quercetin, resveratrol and even a fun substance called GG Gold, which adds antioxidants and a golden hue. They’re both orange-flavored but have different notes and tangs. Check it out to see which one we liked flavor-wise and which one we’d choose for its health properties. TGIF!

  • BioFizz Immune by Designs for Health

  • C+BioFizz by Designs for Health