Is genetic testing right for me? Weight loss genetic test

It’s time to stop wondering why weight loss works for everyone but you.

These days, there’s conflicting diet and exercise almost everywhere you look. It can be nearly impossible to figure out which advice is best, and not only that – but which is best for YOU.

  • Do you eat healthy but struggle to lose weight?
  • Do you feel like you have to work harder than other people to make what feels like zero progress on your weight and body composition goals?
  • Do you wonder why you and your siblings have such different body types?
  • Do you wonder if you’re doomed to be overweight like others in your family, and doomed to suffer the same health problems?
  • Do you exercise all the time but struggle to lose weight?

What if you could hack your health?

Genetic Test part of Puzzle Weight LossStop spinning your wheels with diet and exercise fads that work for everyone but you. Move forward with real answers found in your own DNA.

Take the Genetic Test, and you’ll receive back a comprehensive plan for eating and exercising (as well as custom-blended supplements if you choose) to maximize your weight loss and exercise efforts tailored specifically for your DNA.

How does it work?Genetic Test for weight loss Cheek Swab

At Cambiati, we help you Blueprint Your Metabolism through the CambiatiCleanse, which can help you identify food sensitivities and intolerances (among other things), but the Genetic Test allows you to uncover your Blueprint for Life, using your DNA.

A cheek swab done right in our office gets sent to the lab, along with a health history. Once your test results come back, a nutritionist from our team will help you interpret your genetic test results, and help you translate those results into actions that help you reach your health potential, as well as protect your health long into the future. Custom-blended supplements help support your body from the inside out. (Plus they get shipped right to your house – how easy is that?)

Happy woman celebrating her new weight loss cambiati weight loss programs

With this DNA test, you’ll be able to learn if you…

  • Are likely intolerant to gluten
  • Likely metabolize alcohol normally and can indulge periodically
  • Are likely lactose intolerant
  • Likely metabolize caffeine normally
  • Are likely deficient in certain vitamins
  • Have an increased risk of obesity
  • Likely have a reduced ability to feel full after meals
  • Are at high risk for elevated blood LDL or triglycerides
  • And, how efficiently your body absorbs and metabolizes fat and carbohydrates

You’ll also learn about the best exercise for your DNA:

  • Are you built more for sprinting and power exercises?
  • Or more for endurance exercise?
  • Will you likely show a weight loss response to exercise?

This Genetic Test will tell you which type of exercise to focus on to shift your body composition most efficiently (cardio, strength training, low or high intensity). Wouldn’t you want to know if your daily 45 minute jogs weren’t the most efficient way for you to lose weight? What if you could exercise for less time and get better results? Try the Genetic Test and stop spinning your wheels.

Why do I always have a tummy pooch no matter what I do or how much weight I lose?

What if you realized the root of your trouble losing weight was that you were following someone else’s genetic plan for fat loss? If your vision deteriorated and you could no longer see as well as you once did, rather than squinting your way through life, wouldn’t it be easier to just get glasses? That’s how we see our Genetic Testing. Much like you can obtain “corrective lenses” for your sight, now you can obtain “corrective information” about the right diet and exercise plan for your genetic type! One person’s ideal diet and exercise plan may not be ideal for their friend, or even their blood relative. New information and ways of doing things (like how you eat and move) can help tip the scales in your favor.

Why are so many people in my family overweight even if they don’t eat differently from thinner people?

Due to their genetics, some people more easily store what they eat as fat on their bodies. Think about it from an evolutionary standpoint – it was an advantage at one time, when better fat storage meant better odds of survival. The problem is that today, our odds are pretty good. We don’t need to store fat easily, since we move very little (comparatively to our caveman days) and have easy access to food, all year round. Some genetic variations make it much easier for an individual to become obese, even without extreme overeating. On the other hand, for a person without that genetic variation, it would be much harder to become obese.

How can I release the guilt or shame I’ve always felt around food and weight?

It’s easy to feel bad about yourself after years of trying to follow plans or diets that seem to work for everyone else but you. Food and eating can become a huge source of anxiety, rather than an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We think that by uncovering ways in which one body might work differently than another helps provide a path of solutions. Learning about your genetic variations can help you to release negative emotions about weight or body image and transform that negative mindset into a more compassionate understanding about your body and weight.   Sign up now.

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call to make an appointment to come into our Lafayette office and take the test. We’ll walk you through the simple process and send it off to the lab for you. When it comes back you’ll sit down with one of our nutritionists and learn how to incorporate what the results say into your life and make the best of the information.


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