The same old, same old meals (oatmeal for breakfast, simple salad for lunch, and chicken-broccoli-brown rice for dinner, anyone?) gets literally and figuratively old and stale when you’re eating them day after day. These blah and boring combinations fail to energize the senses and infuse excitement into your kitchen, so it’s hard to keep the healthy momentum going. Instead, it’s easy to lose steam and go back to ordering in or falling back on heavier, more processed ingredients to add flavor–which are both hard on the waistline. One of the ways we find helps our clients stay on track with their health journey is to keep things interesting (but Cambiati Clean).
When it comes to meal prep and planning, and cooking, variety and fresh ideas can keep you looking forward to your next meal. Now, this doesn’t have to be more work. There are tons and tons of recipes (many of which are on our website) that take 20-30 minutes or less to pull together, but have zesty or new-to-you ingredients, ethnic flair, unusual pairings, or new twists on old favorites you might not have thought about without a little help from the professionals. Here are a few ideas to help light a fire under that cooking inspiration that’s inside of you!
Get a subscription to a cooking magazine or buy a beautiful cookbook. Our nutritionists like to chat with their foodie friends, peruse their favorite chefs’ websites and purchase new cooking magazines or cookbooks every now and then to keep the creative techniques and innovative recipes flowing. Try out a new recipe with or for others, which may feel more inspiring or motivating.
Splurge on a new kitchen appliance or utensil. Ditto for a new kitchen gadget that gets you going. For instance, several of our clients love their air fryers, and cook all sorts of things in there! There are magazines and cookbooks specific to certain kitchen tools like air fryers or Instapots. Fall and winter are great times of the year to expand even further with soups, stews and chilis.
Familiarize yourself with one new ingredient. The next time you go to the grocery store, try one new ingredient that seems appealing and learn a few recipes you can build around it. It could be the new best thing since sliced bread!
Consider your condiments. Sometimes all it takes to change your world is a new condiment, spice or herbal combination. Go to a local spice shop and check out some of their premade combinations, or try a clean condiment option that is up your alley. Better yet, make a fresh sauce from scratch. Blending a bunch of green herbs like parsley, cilantro and chives with some olive oil and lemon can add tons of flavor to almost anything–vegetables, fish, veggie burgers, and so much more!
Don’t forget about the visual appeal. Much of what attracts us to certain foods is actually the way it looks. Think of the plating methods they use at restaurants. The presentation is just as important as the way the food tastes. If you apply that same concept to your at-home cooking, consider spiralizing, blending, or crisping vegetables in different ways to get some unique textures and visuals on your plate.
The bottom line is to find something that jazzes you up and gets you excited to cook up your next meal. We’d love to hear how it goes, so feel free to let us know by texting or emailing us at 925.280.4442 or And if you have any leftovers, we’d love a taste! 🙂