The first thing you have to know is that I LOVE Girl Scout cookies. And not that I love to eat one or two… I’m talking unwrap the first roll, devour it, then move to the next one. I mean, aren’t rolls of Thin Mints individual servings?

To make matters worse, those yummy cookies are paraded out in front of stores and you have to tell two sweet young girls that you aren’t interested in them as you walk by. Last weekend, I wasn’t even safe from them at Home Depot.

This whole, eight-week running the gauntlet could be the undoing of many — including me!

Why am I telling you this? Well, I’ve been able to pass up the opportunities to buy Girl Scout cookies (so far), but it got me thinking about how hard it is to drive by a favorite bakery, ice cream shop, bagel place, or even the candy or chip aisle in a grocery store.

What’s a girl to do? Here’s how I’ve resisted the call of the Girl Scout cookies…

One reason I was able to walk by is that I wasn’t hungry. If grocery shopping is typically your downfall – make sure you eat AND make a list before you go. I was also well rested. While sleep may not seem related, studies show that a good night sleep can help you avoid poor food choices the next day!

Going to a party? Eat before you face temptation. Preferably that magical balance of protein, fat and high-fiber carbs. (Yep, that again)

Another one of our favorite tips? Remind yourself why you’re happier without the frenemy power of foods that make you feel bad… as in, “I feel so much better when I’m not eating gluten. My mood is so much better and I sleep better, too!”

And if (and when) all else fails, please, please, please come see us. We’ll hold your hand, point out shortcuts and motivate you when you need a kick in the pants – give us a call (925-280-4442) and we’ll give you our ideas for a personal action plan!  Ready to start? Join a class today!