If you’ve been told by your doctor that you have arthritis, you (and over 50 million other Americans) are not alone.

Many people believe that arthritic pain (or other health conditions) is an inevitable part of aging – but simply gettin’ long in the teeth doesn’t have to mean waking up and spending every moment in pain.

We also want to share a very, very compelling story about a new shining star in our recommendations for osteoarthritis”¦ (teaser: pain in his hands decreased 75% just by adding this one supplement and changing nothing else in his diet)

Most people know the basics about arthritis – it’s pain and swelling of the joints. But mainstream medical “wisdom” usually treats only the symptoms. Since arthritis is such a prevalent, widespread issue, we thought we’d focus on some food and lifestyle ways to address pain relief and inflammation at the root.

Rather than just watching a fire destroy an entire building – what if you could put it out from inside? That sounds better – right? That’s what we’ll focus on”¦ ways to cool the fire of inflammation associated with arthritis, and hopefully cool the internal flames that can cause terrible joint pain.

The Basics:

Arthritis can be caused or worsened by obesity, overuse of joints, regular use of NSAIDS, trauma, blood sugar issues/diabetes and/or age issues related to repair. If any of those apply to you, start there. Then we move onto Part Deux”¦ Diet and Lifestyle (our GF bread and butter, if you will)

What to Eat (and Not Eat)

  • Increase your intake of alkaline plant foods
    • Fruits, veggies, tofu, some nuts, seeds & legumes.
  • Decrease/avoid acid foods
    • Dairy, processed foods, SUGAR!!!, excess meat – except fish, which you should aim to get 3-4x per week
  • Try eliminating nightshades from your diet (nightshade vegetables include potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes and most peppers – including cayenne pepper, curry powder and paprika)
  • Juice greens (toss in some ginger and celery!) several times a day
    • Can’t afford a juicer? Try our go-to Easy Button PaleoGreens!
  • Get plenty of flavonoids in your diet – like berries, cherries, green tea, purple grapes (PaleoReds are an easy button! Arthroben also contains flavonoids – more on that below)
  • Make sure to incorporate tons of antioxidants into your daily diet (PGs, Reds, C+)
  • Eat foods with a high sulfur content, like cruciferous veggies, alliums (the garlic/onion family) and eggs (especially the yolks – look for pastured eggs if possible!).
  • Get on the Bone Broth train, stat!



And now onto the “shining star” we mentioned earlier. Bill T., the 84 year old father of one of our longtime clients was struggling with terrible pain in his hands. As an avid tennis player, being sidelined was especially frustrating for him.

Our longtime client asked us if there was anything we could do for him – even though he refused to make any changes to his diet. Since we’re the amazing problem solvers that we are”¦. We said OF COURSE! and got him started on Arthroben. Just 40-50 days later, he reported (in his words) miraculous results.

Arthroben for Arthritis in Hands and JointsHe reports his arthritis pain, which was especially bad in his hands, has decreased about 75%.  He’s back on top of his tennis game, and is now enjoying playing and back to beating his opponents again. Bill says that this is the ONLY thing he has done differently and he is “over the moon” with the results. 

What’s so great about this stuff?

First of all, it’s what’s known as a “medical food,” which is an FDA-regulated category of products intended for “dietary management” of a disease. Unlike drugs, all medical foods must be Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). They’re also typically not associated with negative side effects of pharmaceuticals.

What does it do?

  • Reduces inflammation
  • It’s a potent antioxidant for decreasing joint deterioration
  • Increases joint mobility, function, physical performance and mobility
  • Stimulates joint repair by providing the nutritional building blocks for cartilage and ligaments
  • Counteracts causes AND symptoms of cartilage degeneration, and improves total cartilage mass
  • It’s Effective and Safe – and can be used long term, unlike most other pain relievers out there
    • As effective as naproxen for knee OA
    • Increases mobility and function
    • Stimulates tissue repair
    • Gentle on the GI tract
    • Balanced inhibition of Cox-1, Cox-2, and 5-Lox pathways

You can think of it as the “third generation” of pain relievers.

AND… (can you believe there’s MORE?)

Skin experts will tell you that unfortunately (and unlike all the advertisements for anti-wrinkle creams we see out there), collagen isn’t easily absorbed by the skin topically. But a great way to feed the skin collagen is – yep – from inside out.

That’s where Arthroben comes in. Arthroben is pure collagen peptides that nourish all collagen – including the skin – from the deepest levels. Repair collagen not just in your joints but also your skin! And we’re not just telling you that Arthroben should “theoretically” help diminish fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity… we see it with our own eyes!

Ladies (and gents) – everyone we have seen using Arthroben not only reports better joint mobility and less pain, but their skin also looks FANTASTIC! In fact, Team Cambiati’s own Julia is even using it specifically for that purpose and is loving her results so far.

More Supplements to Try 

  • ArthroSoothe Cream: contains glucosamine and chondroitin (building blocks for cartilage), MSM, and other healing compounds known for their healing effect. Great topical application for pain relief.
  • Above all, try to avoid NSAIDS and other OTC medicines, which inhibit cartilage repair and actually accelerate destruction. No thanks…  

  • Magnesium can also be very useful for pain management
    • MagneGel for topical use, or MagCitrate if you’d rather drink it. We also love MagCitrate before bedtime to help with the zzzz’s, or after exercise to soothe sore muscles, or daily to help with regular BMs. (so versatile!)

As always – if you have questions, please let us know! We’re here to help. Call us today and see if you could be the one saying your pain decreased by 75%.