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Gretchen Suess, Nurse Practitioner

Gretchen Suess is a Nurse Practitioner with Cambiati Wellness. She received her Family Nurse Practitioner degree from Samuel Merritt University in 2007 and began her career in conventional medicine and palliative care.  Conventional medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of illness; however it does not treat the underlying cause.  This in turn leads to chronic illness and disability, and Gretchen soon realized she wanted to learn more about whole body wellness and healing.

Functional medicine focuses on getting to the root cause of a person’s health issues.  From head to toe, Gretchen addresses imbalances in adrenal health, metabolism and gut issues, mood, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalances, thyroid disease and so much more.

Gretchen found her way into functional medicine for two reasons.  First, she felt she could not optimally serve the health needs of her patients with the tools available to her in conventional medicine. Second, she experienced a blessing in disguise: suffering her own health crisis that only functional medicine could solve and treat.  Gretchen’s personal experience solidified her belief in this cutting-edge path and ultimately her decision to become a functional medicine provider. 

Whether you suffer from any of the conditions outlined above or have more complex issues, Gretchen’s functional medicine approach can help. 

She looks forward to serving you in health and wellness, so that you may live your best life!