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Valentine’s Day is all about loooove, baby! And of course, showing our favorite people just how much we l-o-v-e them. This year, we challenge you to think outside the chocolate box. Let’s not just shower our objects of love (or let’s be real – lust) with sugar and bubbly booze… yes, it may take more time and effort, but giving someone a special treat that gives them a hangover? No thanks. Read on for our Valentine’s Gift Guide: we promise it’s sugar free but very sweet!

And yes, of course we want to encourage you to decrease or eliminate processed crap from your diet (and the diets of the ones you love the most), but what really got us thinking about this problem is this story from Rebecca, who’s part of Team Cambiati:

“I admit it. I’m a recovering sugar addict and used to be one of the 47.5% of people who gave candy as a gift on Valentine’s day. Let’s be honest, it’s easy, doesn’t require a lot of work, and if you have a significant other like mine, it was one of few things I could think of that I knew he would actually like.


But all of that changed several years ago when I found out that Rolando’s parents both have Type 2 Diabetes. I could no longer give him a “gift” that was increasing his chances of developing a chronic disease (potentially life threatening, yet potentially avoidable too). And on Valentine’s Day? Sooo not a way to show him the love! I had to make a change. (And if I am being really honest I don’t want candy in front of me either.) At first, this was hard because thinking of non-candy gifts to send can take more thought and effort. I spent a lot of time wracking my brain for great gifts and over time I’ve thought of some pretty great ones!”


What to Give this V-Day Instead of Candy

Experience Gifts Go sky diving, rock climbing, or take race car driving lessons. That racing-heart and adrenaline feel a lot like love and can rekindle the fire!

Break a sweat for a better date Exercise-induced endorphins help clear your mind of clutter, up your happiness factor, and rev up your sex drive. No brainer!

Geek Gadgets From one geek to another, there is no better gift than electronics or cool software. For example, Bose just came out with some pretty cool in-ear noise-cancelling headphones.

Books Check out the current Best Seller lists or choose one related to your honey’s favorite hobby. The caveat here is that your special someone has to like to read!

Tickets to an Event And no, not the musical you’re dying to see. Not sure what tickets to get? Just get a gift certificate to StubHub.

Stay-cation There is nothing better than just spending time together but packing for a trip seems so unmanageable. Try a stay-cation. Rebecca keeps her eyes peeled for great Travelzoo deals.

Healthy Food Items Whole Foods and Cost Plus have great stuff like almonds in various flavors. Here at Cambiati HQ we have Chocolate Mint or Cocommune bars, tea, and jerky. Come by the 13th and get a discount on all of these yummy goodies.

Bottom line? Trust us, he will thank you for not getting him the heart tie that he’ll never, ever wear or the “hint, hint” back hair groomer”¦ and she will be grateful that you put some deep thought into a unique gift (and one that doesn’t challenge her willpower and add to her waistline? Priceless). Don’t have a significant other to shower with love? Treat yourself or a friend to something special. With so many ways to show your love, the hardest part will be choosing just one!