At Cambiati Wellness, we strive to support you in creating and living your healthiest and happiest life! That’s why we offer a wide range of programs that are comprised of our fundamental Cambiati Wellness Principles. These principles include Eating, Drinking, Cleansing & Detoxifying, Exercise and Self Care. Cambiati Clean eating is a fundamental part of all of our programs and we love sharing new tips, recipes and guides on how to love what’s on your plate and feel great. Check out our Summer produce guide below.

Cambiati Clean eating means consuming the highest quality most nutrient dense foods and that’s why we love focusing on seasonal produce!

It’s easy to forget that food naturally grows with Earth’s seasons when the grocery store has a full selection of fruits and vegetables year round. In addition, most people don’t realize how far these foods need to travel to make it all the way to their plates. A majority of produce found at the grocery store is sourced from Mexico, Peru, China and Canada. Oftentimes picked and plucked before their ripeness or sprayed with chemicals to ensure they make it safely and beautifully to the store.

It’s important to remember that the most nutritionally dense foods are foods grown in season, locally and picked closest to their harvest date. 

We love farmers markets and recommend them to all of our clients. Not only will you get the freshest (and tastiest) produce possible, it is often cheaper and supports local agriculture.

Have you been to your local farmers market lately? What better time than this weekend to check out all of the produce bursting with flavor this summer season!