I can bet that like most of our clients, you have. And it’s not to blame the doctors: the healthcare system makes it difficult for doctors to spend adequate time with their patients and give them the best care possible.

If I were to poll 100 doctors and ask them if they could change healthcare, I’d expect all 100 to say yes.

But whether it’s the healthcare provider or the way the system pressures the healthcare provider, it is WRONG when a patient leaves the appointment feeling uncomfortable or unsettled in any way.

It makes you feel small, misunderstood, and personally responsible for your own struggles. The reality is this…when you know that something is wrong, then something is definitely wrong. And what you DESERVE is a healthcare provider who takes your concerns seriously and is engaged in a shared mission to help you look for the root causes of the concern and come up with a solution. Two of the most important parts of healing are HOPE and PERSISTENCE. We want you to know in your bones and in your heart that healing is absolutely possible and achievable.

Half of the equation is having a medical provider who listens well and guides you forward. The other half is your attitude, which we want to be thinking that it’s not a matter of if you will heal, but when. Are you with us? If you’re ready to work with a practitioner who will make you feel heard, valued and like an engaged participant in your own healing, we can help!

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