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Health & Wellness Talks

Ten years ago I survived on various forms of sugar. I was tired all the time, I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t feel great and I felt constrained. I once gained 30 pounds in 30 days! I transformed my health forever when I quit my Coke habit and swapped candy for quinoa (keen-wah). I became energetic in the morning, I slept so much better, I have my ideal body, and I brought a powerful inner energy to my business. I met more and more men and women who needed the same type of help I needed, so I made it my business. Now I guide people every day to transform their lives. I’ve helped over 5,000 clients get results FAST. At my office in the San Francisco Bay Area my average client loses 7.81 pounds of fat in just 28 days. My program gives you the tools you need to make your weight loss and energy goals a reality.

  • ¨Lose 10 Pounds Now!
  • ¨More Energy, More Weight Loss, and Less Effort!
  • ¨Kick Your Cravings, For Good!
  • ¨Feel Your Best, Reduce Stress
  • ¨Are Your Habits in Bed Keeping You Fat?
  • ¨The Heroes of Your Meal
  • ¨The Secret to Making Healthy Habits Easy
  • ¨Eat Your Way to Wellness Series


Prosperous Practice Talks

As a business owner with over 14 years of sales experience including enterprise software sales Rebecca Walker, MBA is the perfect speaker to inspire other entrepreneurs. She pulls from her business experience and also her years of mountaineering experience to make her speaking engagements fun, interesting and anything but boring.

  • “Jumpstart Your Prosperous Practice”
  • “3 Hidden Reasons You Struggle to Get New Clients”
  • “Sales Success without Sacrificing Your Soul”


I immediately felt the sincerity of Rebecca’s caring and genuine commitment to helping others lose weight while being healthy. Rebecca really connects with people and gives you a feeling of trust, credibility and insight- all attributes of a professional life/health coach and speaker. With her passion, presence, and important message I knew I had to book her and get her in front of the women at the women’s conference.

Maile Collmer

Rebecca is a dynamic presenter that delights the audience and inspires them to see new possibilities. Her passion, knowledge, and personal story shine through, motivating people to take action. As a community leader I have to have absolute confidence in someone when I invite them to speak at my events. I also have to know that they will give value to the audience. When Rebecca speaks she not only gives value, she crafts her message to resonate with each specific audience. She is collaborative, and professional, making her easy to work with. And, on a personal note, I love that she knows her stuff, inside and out, and truly cares about the quality of life and health of her audience.

Cyndee Paulson-Heer

Not only does Rebecca create excitement about losing weight but also provides practical and realistic steps that create results! She possess all of the skills of a motivational speaker with the hands-on guidance of a professional coach. This combination can changes lives, just like it changed mine

Darrin Patterson


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