thanksgiving-dinner_dreamstime_s_34335728-199x300.jpg  Choose which statement you most identify with, and get some hints about how to feel better!        

    “I ate all the cookies, fudge, pie and even licked the sprinkles from the plate.” If you’re thinking “how did you know??” employ your Sugar Detox, stat! That means no more – go cold turkey. It may seem harsh but it’s the only way to go. Make sure to eat quality lean protein at every meal. If you’re struggling to get rid of sugar cravings (or this going-down-the-sugar-rabbit-hole has happened to you before), you likely have an issue with Candida. If you haven’t seen it, check out our Candida Test here, and chat with us if you have any questions. Supplements to help:

    “I couldn’t sleep.” >> If this is your main holiday hangover complaint, read on. Maybe it was the stress, or the coffee, or the booze, or the sugar (or maybe all of the above) “¦ but your sleep suffered through the holidays and you’re feeling the repercussions. Start repairing the damage by making time to make up your missed zzz’s, cut the coffee (or at least make a “curfew” and try cutting yourself off earlier in the day), and practicing good sleep hygiene. That means no screens in bed (yes, seriously) and giving yourself the time to unwind slowly before bed. If you’re tired of feeling tired every morning and miss that bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed feeling you had when you were CambiatiClean, come back for a cleanse! Supplements to help:

  • Take 2 Detox Support Packs daily. Little known fact they can help with sleep!
  • If you need extra help, MagCitrate is a great place to start, or ask us about heavier duty options.

    “I got sick.” >>         Sniffles sort of  sick? (No? Skip to the next paragraph) Yes >> With the cooler weather, busy schedules and stress, it’s no wonder so many people get colds! Give yourself the gift of immune support, and also make sure to get lots of rest and fluids. Once you’re back on your feet, keep supporting your body with good diet and rest so you don’t get sick again. Raw garlic is great to include in your diet, too! If your immune system seems to always be on the low side, it could be a sign it’s time to cleanse again!  Supplements to help:

        No, not sniffles”¦ more the tummy-feeling-yucky-sick >> Lots of rich food, alcohol and foods you normally don’t eat can definitely make for some icky bloating (or worse). You’re in pretty good company this time of year. Hopefully this goes without saying, but the first step in getting your gut back on track is to eat as cleanly as possible. That means lots of veggie and cutting out the gluten and dairy. That alone should do wonders. If you’re still having trouble, give us a call. And if this wasn’t a one time kind of icky tummy problem – and you’re consistently looking for places to lay sideways after a big dinner – come back and see us for a cleanse!