So many of our clients come to us feeling a vague (or super in-their-face, obvious) sense of their hormones being “off.” They might feel moody or anxious or fatigued, and they have an intuition that it might be related to an imbalance in their hormones.

And guess what? They’re usually right!


Are you wondering…

Which Hormone Test Should I Do for My Issue?

So much of the focus we have at Cambiati Wellness on balancing our meals to support blood sugar, hormones and neurotransmitter function is related to helping manage many of the hormone conditions we see regularly—like PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome, which has its origin in insulin resistance), estrogen dominance, and uncomfortable menopausal symptoms. These are all common, but not normal. What’s really cool is that saliva or blood hormone testing will give us information about how to balance a client’s hormones, and we’ll put together diet and lifestyle recommendations that will work toward doing just that. And small tweaks can go a looong way toward influencing our hormones in a positive direction. People often feel like their moods have stabilized, report better sleep, and feel more energized and rested once we work on regulating their hormones via saliva or blood testing.

What Hormone Tests Should I Get?

We offer saliva hormone testing, blood hormone testing, and urine hormone testing—all of which offer different types of benefits.

Balancing Your Hormones

In addition to balancing the portions and macronutrients on your plate as well as the timing of meals, there are a multitude of lifestyle considerations to look at when it comes to promoting optimal hormone balance—things like stress management, sleep, exercise, micronutrient levels, and alcohol/tobacco/caffeine use. It’s also crucial to look at environmental factors like plastic use, what type of personal care products you’re using, and air and water purification choices. We guide our clients on these topics to booster and balance their hormone health.

Is Hormone Testing Worth It?

A lot of our clients wonder if hormone testing is accurate, and it matter what kind. As an example, saliva hormone testing gives us more information about what’s stored in the tissues rather than transient information from blood hormone testing. We make sure we choose the right test for each of our clients, guided by clinical experience and expertise. Many symptoms that stem from different root causes can look similar—so the right testing matters. We gather clues based on what you tell us to guide us to recommend the test or tests we feel is going to give us the most beneficial information for YOU. We might recommend one hormone test for one person, and additional markers for a different condition.