When you think of a “typical” American breakfast, what comes to mind? Maybe waffles, pancakes, cereal, juice, bagels… lots of high calorie, and more troubling, high SUGAR dishes. It’s high time we stop acting like those foods get a pass because they’re “breakfast.” Let’s call them what they really are — dessert!

Think of a cupcake. A sweet mini cake just the right size to hold in your hand. It would seem weird to eat a cupcake for breakfast (at least without feeling somewhat guilty), right? But muffins seem different for some reason – maybe people get distracted by the idea that there are a few seeds sprinkled inside or on top.

What about sweet streusel topping that goes on top of baked goods? That doesn’t seem to be a great fit for “the most important meal of the day,” yet many folks think “granola” as a very healthy choice. Oats, sugar, flour, maybe some nuts, spices.

And what goes perfectly with that sweet little treat you pick up at the coffee shop? A vanilla latte, a mocha, or a hot chocolate – which we may as well liken to a milkshake in terms of calories and sugar (and no, getting a “skinny” sugar-free latte isn’t the answer since artificial sweeteners are addictive, toxic, and cause weight gain).

Check out this infographic from vox.com:
source: http://www.vox.com/2016/7/11/12128372/sugar-cereal-breakfast-nutrition-facts

Even though 75% of Americans believe they eat “healthy,” with 70% of adults over 20 years old overweight or obese (according to the CDC), something doesn’t add up.

So, what to do?

We all have to be our own advocates. Look around. Simply doing what everyone else is doing and eating what everyone else is eating isn’t working. Following magazine headlines and half-read diet books clearly isn’t the answer either.

For real, lasting success, you need experts. You need people who have been there and who know how to tweak prudent guidance to your lifestyle and goals. We can help you lose weight AND love what’s on your plate – imagine that!

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