Meet our client Taylor and hear about how her former struggles with bloating and abdominal cramps led her to Cambiati Wellness. Her journey toward optimal digestion with one of our nutritionists and the gut microbiome (GI Map) test is a fascinating listen, and just might inspire you to tackle your own gut woes. (Spoiler alert: She’s feeling better than she has in years, with virtually no more digestive issues!)

She shares some symptoms that you might be able to relate to. She knew instinctively that something was wrong with her inner terrain, and was drawn to Cambiati Wellness’ approach of getting to the root cause rather than using invasive tests or medication as a Band-Aid. She was tired of getting no real answers with other practitioners, and came to Cambiati Wellness because of our more functional/integrative approach. She thought she might have some food allergies or sensitivities, and after discussing her symptoms and concerns, we recommended our gut microbiome test, which ended up being the solution she needed.

You’ll hear her talk about how important she felt it was to make an investment in her health, especially before things progressed and she felt worse. She deeply committed to the process, and it has paid off in spades.

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!