Have you been getting the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep every night? If you’re like most Americans, my guess is no. 

Sleep disorders are extremely prevalent and affect 50-70 million Americans. Balancing work and family alone can be an exhausting every day task and we understand how challenging it can be to prioritize rest. Sleep is so essential for our bodies when it comes to reducing stress, improving performance, and even has been shown to make you live longer.

In a study of women ages 50 to 79, more deaths occurred in women who got less than five hours or more than six and a half hours of sleep per night. Long term sleep deprivation can also increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity. Sleep regulates hormones which directly affects hunger regulation and stress hormones. Not only is the number of hours crucial, but also the quality of your sleep. 

So how exactly do we get all the benefits of rest and become sleeping beauty?

  1. Create a bedtime routine- Set out your clothes for the following morning, have your lunch packed, and set your alarm. Once you finish this, its time to destress and relax your muscles with a warm & soothing bath with Epsom salts and lavender essential oil. Turn down the lights, unplug electronics, get cozy, journal or read.
  2. Avoid late night snacks- Make sure to have a good meal for dinner that doesn’t leave you too stuffed or starving within a few hours before bed. Diets high in saturated fat and sugar and low in fiber have been shown to cause lighter sleep. Complex carbs that are high in fiber like brown rice and sweet potatoes release serotonin which calms the brain making them a perfect side dish at dinner. Don’t forget your greens!  Phytonutrients give us energy during the day, but also aid with sleep and help us feel good the next morning.
  3. Eliminate caffeine- If you just can’t live without your favorite caffeinated beverage in the morning, make sure to steer clear of it after 2pm (this includes lighter caffeinated drinks like white tea, kombucha, and iced tea!)
  4. Calming teas- At Cambiati we have a variety of teas that are perfect to add to your bedtime routine including Get Some Zzzs & Get Relaxed which contain soothing herbs like chamomile.
  5. Relaxing supplements- Even the most perfect bedtime routine doesn’t seem to always work and that’s where supplements come in handy. Magnesium is known to help insomnia, relax muscles, and produce an overall calm feeling. MagCitrate is a great option before bed, just mix it with water and enjoy! Insomnitol also helps you not only get to sleep, but fall asleep. In store, we sell a variety of CBD products to de-stress your body and mind.

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