I love goals and goal setting (favorite part of course being goal reaching!), BUT…

As a life and nutrition coach, I’ve seen so many people struggle to reach their goals because self-imposed limitations hold them back. Setting goals is only one part of the equation on the path of success. Your “baggage” or “issues” like second guesses, doubts, and excuses can keep you from making your dream a reality. And before you stop reading and think “Not me…” hear me out (unless, of course, you feel like you’re at the top of your game and don’t have any more goals you’d like to reach).

source: relatably.com

source: relatably.com

I see several limitations consistently come up for my clients:

  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “I don’t have money.”
  • “Nothing has worked.”
  • “Nothing will work.”
  • “Nothing sticks.”

Any of those sound familiar to you? (What’s yours?)

We all have at least ONE barrier that always seems to get in our way when we want to expand and stretch ourselves toward a new goal.

I like to say that, “you have to get out of your own way” to finally meet your goals. The first step is to know that these constructs are actually self-imposed.

Here’s how this shows up in my life…….

Almost every time I want to do something that is a stretch for me, my story of “I don’t have enough time” gets in my way.

Being in the profession that I am, after I noticed this story I was telling myself, I tried to dive in and explore the way I treated “time.” I’m always saying, “there’s just not enough, it’s always flying by.” But when it comes down to applying logic to the situation, I can look at my resistance differently.

When I think about people like Arianna Huffington, Mary Morrissey, and Blake Lively – all women I highly admire – these are women who have bigger lives than me with more going on than me, and they were (and are) still able to nurture great relationships and raise beautiful kids. If they can handle it, with all of their commitments, why can’t I?!

Approaching it in this way helps me see that my story of “I don’t have enough time,” is just a self imposed limitation and doesn’t really exist. I do have time — I just fill it up in ways that makes me feel trapped and unable to “find the time” for new goals.

Here’s how this can help you…

When you make a decision that stretches you, you WILL come against your own story too. Whether it be:

  • Money
  • Time
  • or you not trusting yourself

It’s going to come up and get in your way.

And it’s probably coming up now as you may be starting to give up on your goals for 2016.

I want you to be supported on your path to success, especially when your self-imposed limitations pop up — because, trust me, they WILL.

What better way than to be a part of a community of like-minded women, destined to get to the top faster than everyone else. Together, we can help each other be ACCOUNTABLE.

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