Do you poop every morning, like clockwork? Get stopped up on vacation, as soon as you’re out of your routine?

Believe it or not, we each have a bowel rhythm, just like our circadian rhythm. It’s ideal (and, might we add, super satisfying—you know the feeling) to go first thing in the morning (need some help? Try warm water/lemon water or lightly caffeinated tea, or our Colon Rx). And wanna learn something cool? You can help train your body to go when you want it to. Start sitting on that ceramic throne for 5 minutes every morning, no straining or pushing, just relaxing and releasing, and see what your body does.

If you aren’t able to go, no problem—just tidy up and try again the next day at the same time, and do that for a few days in a row. Your body will start to understand what you’re asking it to do.

We want to go daily, at least once—a solid, slightly soft and well formed stool to push out toxins and any bad bacteria. Otherwise things are hanging out for far too long, causing inflammation and reabsorption of pollutants.

If you’re struggling to go number 2, let’s look into the cause. You might have IBS or some other gut dysfunction. Reach out and we can help guide you toward a solution.