Getaways are great, and most of us look forward to our vacation time, putting our worries on hold and exploring an unknown place, with new people and experiences. That usually means consuming a lot of unfamiliar foods, too. And while it’s certainly fun to explore a different culture (or a unique part of the US) through its food, that can also come with digestive issues or a general feeling of fullness or puffiness. Most people we know associate both holidays at home and getaways with weight gain.


That’s why so many of our clients ask us how they can eat well and prevent weight gain when they’re going out of town or living it up over the holidays—when they lack as much control over the food they have access to, or temptations loom large.


Here are our top tips:

NutraGen PureGreens Crispy Apple Green veggie powderDetoxification Support Packets 60 Designs for Health

  • We always recommend packing Detox Support Packets to take when needed after a large meal, or after eating ingredients you’re not used to, sugary foods or a little too much alcohol. These packaged supplements are ideal to use in this way because they help shuttle toxins out of the body faster, and that keeps you feeling more comfortable and having less moments of feeling like you need to unbutton your pants after dessert. We also encourage clients to take some of the Pure Greens powder with them for an extra boost and antioxidant hit.


ProtectZyme 60 Designs for Health

Try either ProtectZyme or AllerGzyme (ask us for guidance on which is right for you): These two enzyme formulas are slightly different but both help stabilize emotional eating, maintain healthy blood sugars, support weight management and normalize appetite. ProtectZyme helps us digest things like gluten, sugar and starch, and AllerGzyme helps break down hard-to-digest proteins. Note: Both are for those who have food sensitivities, not food allergies or celiac disease.



  • Practice mindful eating. Focus on the moment, sharing the experience with those around you, and savoring each bite. Chew more and slower, checking in with yourself during the meal to see if you’re satisfied with what you’ve already eaten.
  • Look at menus ahead of time and decide what you’ll order before you go. Research shows people make smarter decisions when they take this approach—and it helps get you excited for your adventure!
  • Keep in mind that the first three bites of any food are the most enjoyable. After that, the taste buds dull slightly, so the 6th bite of dessert is not as exciting as the 1st.


Have other questions about traveling or taking Cambiati Clean eating on the go? Give us a call at 925.280.4442 and ask to speak with one of our nutritionists.


Happy Holidays!

Team Cambiati Wellness