Did you know that many of our services may be covered by your insurance?

We know how confusing the insurance process can be—figuring out what is covered under your specific plan, how many sessions you might have with a dietitian, copay and deductibles, etc. It’s enough to give you a headache! But don’t worry, we can help!

And it is all worth it once you receive the reimbursement and can put that saved money toward supplements (and maybe even some CambiatiClean chocolate ?) We will help facilitate the process of uncovering your eligibility and benefits, and figuring out your coverage. We have a new medical director and are still offering the same great tests, and are adding new ones as we work with trusted companies using the most cutting-edge methods.

We accept Blue Shield and Blue Cross in addition to CCHP.
If you want to know if services can be covered by insurance, send us the front and back of your card as well as your DOB. (If you are not the primary cardholder we also need their name and DOB.)


We also offer PCR and antibody tests that are reimbursed at 100% by most insurance companies. The process is slightly different for this. Not sure if your insurance company will cover it? PPOs typically do (read Kaiser doesn’t) and you can confirm by asking them if they would cover 86769 or 87635 with a diagnosis code of Z20.828, and/or R50.9–Then call us for an appointment.

Services can also be covered with your HSA or FSA card too! It’s super easy to be able to use those accounts and if you have an FSA the funds expire soon. To use the FSA or HSA just use the card at Cambiati Wellness for services. You will also want to get a note from your doctor called a “LMN” or Letter of Medical Necessity in case you need it. In most cases you can get this by emailing your doctor to ask for an LMN for a nutrition or weight loss program