Glutathione might sound like some weird glute/thigh combination exercise, but it’s actually something far more exciting: the body’s main antioxidant, and one of our IV drip add-on options to make you feel like a rock star for days!
This natural compound is found in plants, animals, fungi and even some bacteria–and it helps prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals, heavy metals, pollution and other toxins (dare we say age). Research has even found that glutathione can support conditions like psoriasis, liver disease, insulin resistance, Parkinson’s, autoimmune conditions, autism, respiratory conditions, diabetes and more.

Our body makes its own glutathione in the liver, but age and stress can eat this up pretty quickly, in addition to a lack of exercise, an insufficient diet lacking nutrients, chronic diseases, infections or a weak immune system. Antibiotics, radiation therapy and even GMOs and artificial sweeteners can all eat away at this nutrient superstar (another reason to eat CambiatiClean).

Some signs and symptoms you might be lacking some of this natural nutrient: fatigue, joint and/or muscle aches, brain fog, weak immune system, poor sleep, anemia, frequent infections, and heart attack/stroke. Hmm, sounds a lot like what we think of as typical “aging symptoms,” doesn’t it? Could glutathione be a piece of the puzzle you’re missing?

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Your body makes glutathione from your lifestyle and food choices. Exercise and sleep are key, and many of the foods we promote at Cambiati Wellness boast a great glutathione-producing side effect (yay for healthy side effects!). These include sulfur-rich vegetables like the cruciferous veggies (think broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts), selenium-rich foods (we love Brazil nuts) and turmeric. Exercise also helps: research has found that older adults who had engaged in regular exercise throughout their lives had higher levels of glutathione in their livers. Exercise can also support those who previously led a more sedentary lifestyle build up more glutathione, so it’s not too late!
Important supplements to consider for a rich store of glutathione include milk thistle, N-acetyl-cysteine (a precursor to glutathione that supports the body in creating more), alpha-lipoic acid, B vitamins, selenium, vitamins E and C, and raw liver (hats off to you if you can eat this food rather than taking it in capsule form). That’s a whole mouthful, literally–if it feels a bit overwhelming, we hear you. And, we have good news: our glutathione IV drip add-on is a super quick and easy way to get a big dose and boost of glutathione that can give you an immediate lift and support your body’s antioxidant functions. It’s delivered straight into your bloodstream, where almost 100% is absorbed.
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