Is Halloween your “gateway” holiday?

As in… you get started by eating Halloween candy. Then you start indulging in all of the pumpkin spice treats everywhere. Then the Thanksgiving binge happens, and then… and then… and then you don’t stop until you can’t button your pants around January. We know exactly how it goes, because you all call us in a panic needing to cleanse starting New Year’s Day.

We’ve seen this enough times to know that the most damaging gateway holiday for many of you is scary for more reasons than the spooky decorations everywhere. To help you stave off the sugar ghouls from taking over your brain for the next 2 months (and making it harder to fit into your fave skinny jeans), we’ve put together a plan — including some great tips for Moms!

I know that you bought your favorite candy for the trick-or-treaters (with that little voice in your head saying “Then I’ll get to enjoy the leftovers!”), but having that temptation around can spell c-o-o-k-i-e  m-o-n-s-t-e-r. I know that you think that you can “hide” it from yourself… but tell me that doesn’t ‘t lead to buying a 2nd bag because you didn’t have any left for the kids. But since you know where you “hid it from yourself,” you sneak a few pieces here and there.

And because sugar is more addictive than cocaine, it doesn’t stop with only the candy. Suddenly you’re jonesing for a double latte and pastry to shake off that sugar hangover and get your morning started. Then you’re too tired to cook dinner so you order pizza for the kids, but eat half of it yourself. And then all bets are off and suddenly it’s January and you’re feeling grumpy, puffy, and wondering what the #*@* happened?!

Tips for Halloween Treats (no Tricks):

    • Stand far away from the food or booze table at a party. Focus on connecting with the people you went to see! Add some sparkle to the conversation by being fully present and you’ll have no trouble ignoring the siren song from the bowls of Halloween candy and plates of cookies distracting the other party goers.
    • Keep a beverage in hand at all times, especially if your friends are a boozy bunch. It keeps overzealous hosts from offering you drinks you’re trying to stay away from – plus, it keeps your hand busy. Bring some C+BioFizz and PaleoReds to mix into sparkling water for an extra special treat. Rebecca loves the pomegranate quince vinegar from Amphora Oils mixed into sparkling water when she wants something tasty to drink.
    • Out of sight, out of mind. Your kids don’t need 30 lbs of candy (and you don’t need it sitting around your house, begging to be eaten). They just don’t. Fortunately, the “Kitchen Witch” can help! Kids are allowed to select 10 pieces (or whatever number you choose) of candy, and a few nights after Halloween, “The Kitchen Witch” arrives to pick up the rest of their haul. In exchange, she leaves them a small gift. Think Tooth Fairy, but for high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors.
    • Trick or treat yo’self! There’s no reason you can’t Kitchen Witch yourself. To bait yourself into throwing out the extra candy (or bringing it to a group or event where it will get snatched up), entice yourself with a small gift. Fancy olive oil? New tea you’ve been wanting to try? Beautiful flowers for your desk or bedside table? (C’mon… I know there are tons of things you don’t let yourself buy that would work here!)
    • Indulge in pumpkin without regretting it the next day:
      • Stop by our office for Pumpkin Spice tea (you can add some milk and sweetener of choice to make it extra decadent).
      • Make a pumpkin pie shake by adding pureed pumpkin, coconut milk, and pumpkin pie spice (if you don’t have that, use nutmeg, cinnamon & ginger)
      • Enjoy a warming pumpkin soup. Yum!
    • Have to bring treats to your kid’s classroom? Check out this killer guide for “Halloween Party Snacks That Won’t Get You Boo’d Out of the Classroom”