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Julia Miller, Holistic Nutritionist (almost — March 2017!)


I loved being active and playing sports but I began experiencing a variety of health issues in my teens. I had myriad stomach troubles, couldn’t keep weight on, and was so tired and sick all the time that I had to quit playing sports. My parents did an incredible job of exploring possible reasons for what was wrong, but nothing worked. I eventually decided “This is how I am, I just need to deal with it.” I was resigned to the idea that my struggles would always be part of my life.

So this is where I was coming heading into my first Cleanse. Part of me thought “This is just something else that won’t work,” but I had been hearing such fantastic things about it that another part of me stayed open to the possibility that it might work for me, too.

During those 28 days, I tapped into a sense of self I didn’t know existed. I realized “This is how I’m supposed to feel, this is who I really am.” I realized that I’m not a person who has to struggle so much with her health. I can effortlessly maintain my mood, energy, and feel a lightness of spirit if just follow a simple plan. I am so grateful that I stuck with that first Cleanse, and that I’ve learned (and continue to learn) so much about my body, mind, and spirit.

I joined Cambiati after that first Cleanse and have loved (almost) every minute! I am passionate about sharing knowledge and excitement about a healthy diet and lifestyle and though I do my best to walk the walk, I am by no means perfect! (In fact when I was living in Argentina, I gained 35lbs in 6 months… but coming back home and doing the Cleanse got me back on track!)

I love eating nourishing food that doesn’t scream “boring healthy food.” In fact, sometimes I want it to scream “this tastes like takeout!” and love that I can satisfy those cravings with whole foods that don’t make me sick. I’m an avid fermenter and have never met an avocado I didn’t like.

Julia holds a BA in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz. She will complete her Nutrition Consultant certification at Bauman College in March 2017.

In her non-work hours, she loves reading, being outside, live music, yoga, traveling (or daydreaming about it) and spending time with her family and friends. She hopes to one day have a small homestead to call her own, full of goofy animals and a huge edible garden.



In just 28 days our clients:

“lost 30 pounds” -Gene

“lost 31 pounds” -Arlene

“lost 7 pounds of fat” -Antoniette

“lost 16 pounds” -Lisa

“lost 17 pounds” -Linda

“lost 10 pounds” -Julie

“lost 22 pounds” -Heidi (went on to lose 40 pounds)

“lost 12 pounds” -Laina

“lost 10.5 pounds, 1.5 inches off my waist and 3.5 inches off my hips” -Debby

“lost 11 pounds” -Anita

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Numbers that Make Sense


  • Over 5,529 People Helped
  • Average 8 pounds F-A-T loss in 28 days
  • 100% Success body composition change in 28 days

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